fur kissed boots.*

How happy we must be.  I have ten toes, and two working feet. If it wasn't for my feet, I'd surely stray into a bed, and sleep all day long. My feet are instruments.  Not only as a drum beat when I groove to a tune,  or as a two-step when dancing with my dove. These feet of mine, these size 7 feet, they bring me to places.  I know adventure because of my feet. They move, skip, walk, and run onto paths and pavements
My feet know moss, wood slivers, and bare snow.

Now, past the poetic language of feet, and the sweet sensations of being barefoot on grass.
A fashion-thirsty girl will always love dressing her feet in shoes.

 My feet have known a few nice pairs.  But, I've never been too proud of my collection... Until now.

I received the most generous and uplifting email a month or so ago. The website and online shopping destination at seoul contacted me, offering free shoes.   The website stems from Korea which means you can expect fur touches, floral patterns, and lots of "cuteness"
 After receiving the email, I spent hours admiring the many adorable fabrics, accessories, and shoes you can find.   The kind people behind seoul allowed me to pick shoes within a budget. It was difficult to form a conclusion considering the rarity of free shoes, and the rarity of shoes with fur kissed sides.
  It was as if I was dreaming. . . .

The package took only a few weeks to arrive. And inside the package was the most beautiful prize.  Four pairs of well structured, earthy-colored, adorably-designed shoes.   The shoes are comfortable, and more importantly, they are beautiful.   They will hug my feet for all seasons. Whether I'm tracking foot prints in the snow, or I'm dancing through the summer moss.
  I finally have my shoe collection, and life is but a dream........

Thank you for reading.
Kisses !!

what I wore:
boots given to me by
vintage skirt $4
vintage shawl $11
black hat from ross for less $20
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  1. wow what could be better than free shoes? you look amazing, i'm going to check our their site now!

    F. (

  2. I'm DYING for your shoe collection! And hoorah for the free shoes girl!

  3. Anonymous12.1.11

    As always you are so beautiful amy and the shoes were made for you

  4. That hat is so adorable!! You must be cold, but its worth it for that outfit girl

  5. Awesome shoe collection! I love your hat!


  6. Nice shoes dear ;)
    Love your hat!


  7. ¡¡¡Me gustan todas las botas!!! Sobretodo las de pelo, y el sombrero te queda genial.

    Mil besos

  8. Dang girl, you look beyond amazing!!!!
    If only I could pull off this look, seriously girl, you ROCK!!!


  9. I just discovered your blog in "Trendtation", I love it!
    His style, I've loved convinación.
    I follow his blog!
    Greetings :))

  10. There's nothing better than FREE shoes. And ones that are this lovely? That's perfect.

    You look beautiful!


  11. Anonymous13.1.11

    The shoes and fur are great! Nice snag amy! You deserve the 1000 followers

  12. Mmh so even if fur and snow obviously flirt with your feet I can't help BUT see in this so nonchalantly sensuous "one bare shoulder effect" a (mischievous-ly precocious) spring / summer's allegory . . .
    ps: I warmly wish you All The Best for the New Year Dear Amy !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  13. I love your shoes!

  14. I love this! you are so pretty. the boots are lovely <3

  15. Your very pretty :) Great outfit!!

  16. Hi sweetie! I passed on the stylish blogger award to you because I love your blog! You know the drill! Have an amazing day!

    Love Iben

  17. i love the way you told the story about shoes and the photos are lovely
    i'm obsessed with your fur booties!

  18. Anonymous13.1.11

    The boots are absolutely amazing....nothing like them in Canada! And...they look absolutely awesome on you. Love the look, love the everything <3<3<3

  19. Anonymous13.1.11

    love your those are gorg...

  20. Hi Amy!
    I think that your blog is amazing and all of the shoes you had in this post were so cute!
    I can't believe you got them for free! Lucky you :)

    I'm following you!

  21. Anonymous13.1.11

    Your eyes are enchanting

  22. Thanks for the comment lovely :)
    You look absolutely gorgeous in this outfit!
    Definately following now xx

  23. What beautiful shoes! And all for free! Amazing!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog, im following you now :)

  24. you've such pretty hair and loving the hat! I wish I'd be more of a hat-wearer. cuz they usually don't fit me or fall off somehow. Always like to see people wearing hats.

  25. woow you have a great style!
    And i love your hair<3


  26. Anonymous14.1.11

    The shoes are truly beautiful! I wish I was stable in heels when its snowy haha!

    You're a lucky girl with that package! Noone can say no to free shoes :P I really like the grey shoes, very nice!

    Thank you for your comment also!

    Katie. x

  27. love this look esp the top! Fantastic

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  28. Oh I envy your shoes! They are gorgeous!

  29. Your writing is so beautiful Amy! I loved reading this post and I love love looove your collection of furry boots :)


  30. You have a great shoe collection!

    And this outfit!!! Perfect from head to toe! You have wonderful style.

  31. very chic! love the top and the boots.xx

  32. i like all the pattern mixing, it's truly nifty. and your hat is absolutely adorable on you :-)

  33. I love all the pics and the outfit is gorgeous!

  34. This outfit is amazing! I love all the texture mixes and how you combined everything!

  35. i love how you combine the clothes! and all you boots are love, i like them all! xxo

  36. i love your dreamy skirt and brown fur-trimmed shoes. you are princess of all things bohemian, dearest amy!

  37. I want your shoes!!! All of them look freaking awesome! :o)


  38. I refuse to beleive that your entire outfit costs only $35?! Gosh!! That will put those (including myself!) who buys a shirt/something for $35 or even $70 per piece! You look AMAZING!! Love your cape and that pretty skirt!! Those shoes are absolutely darlings!

  39. The seventh photo is my favourite. what a lovely outfit. I love how there is bright colors that are warm and then the whitish look right under it. works perfectly.

  40. Love this combo!

    Stacey Kay
    “Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”

    Runway Inspiration: Dolce & Gabbana

  41. first of all amazing boots
    secondly i love your 70's yet lolita sence of style!!!
    Simply amazing

  42. i like your style..and i love your soo sweet :D

    i follow you :) you wan to follow me?

    xo anja

  43. I'm in love of this outfit!
    LOVE IT!
    Follow u, of course!

  44. i cant even tell you how amazing this outfit is. the poncho, with that skirt! omgah. and the boots♥

  45. Anonymous24.1.11

    I love your whole outfit! You have a lovely shoe collection and your poetry is lovely, very Whitmanesque! I'm a bit envious of your free Korean shoes though, how cool. xx

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