apricot jam

It's a spring day. Full of sun kisses, and warm bark.
My belly is jolly, decorated in peaches, and apricot jam.
I love the morning air. And the morning meal. My day cannot be made until the smell of breakfast spills from the kitchen. x

From the beginning of the week, I've been pondering. I've been pining for dreams.   Lately, the thoughts are of a future homestead.  My brain asks the divine, the land, and the luck, to bring me to a barn yard by the ocean.  Mossy hills that feel like pancakes, and patches for growing a garden.  A chicken farm for eggs. And a boat for fishing.  To live as a pioneer, one with an internet connection, a humble dwelling, and poached eggs for breakfast.  It sound's like a pipe dream.  I was born into a city, I'll pass a country folk. 
All I see is a porch. By day, flower picking, and cloud gazing solitude. Come moonlight,  surrounded by guitar strumming-caught by shine-whiskey on occasion -always Friday- kind of friends.

It's Tuesday, as the weather warms, my spirits aglow.   A December baby will always cherish the strawberry sun.  As for me, the spring brings salutations for blossoms, and flowerbeds. The sun eats the snow, and the mud puddles lay bare.   Beside the seed-time season,  I find myself munching on dandelions and sugary things.

I always told myself, if the sky is to deliver me bad news, deliver me bad news during the Spring. How could someone possibly lift their brow in such a beautiful season? The spring keeps me mirthful. The air decays sorrowful heart skippings,    and brings cheeky smiles .

My hair is unkempt.  Brown locks are bundled in tangles, and knots. I admire the comments regarding my hair... or the questions regarding the treatment. I must tell you,  by morning, my hair is knotted from dreams. I shower to tame the wildness.  When the sun is gleaming, I air dry my tresses. When the snow is falling, I use the blow dryer.  Either way. I'm without a comb, a brush, a spray, or a cream.   My hair waves down my breast, and wanders along my spine.    I let my roots grow...and grow..  and grow.  I'm currently seeking shampoos, and conditioners. One's that don't destroy, but keep it smelling nice. Send me your suggestions.

Life is twined in business. There are lambs to be counted, sleep to be had. Dreams to untangle, and moons to be seen. There are stars to count, and hidden treasures in the dirt.  Words to be spoken, and honey to be sipped.        With spring on the horizon, I will never be lonely.

"We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is, knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out."

sweet sugar, sweet kisses. . .
love forever, amy x

what i wore
blue blouse- vintage boutique $6
black pants American Apparel $40
shoes- atseoul.com sponsor
butterfly headband- vintage boutique $8


  1. Anonymous5.4.11

    you can pretty much wear anything.
    i stick with herbal essence, it smells nice, not sure if its good for my hair or what not :P you have beautiful hair.. the unkempt look totally works for you...

  2. Beautiful Amy, you darling December baby,

    Your words could move mountains. I ponder my dreams every moment, though the stars in my eyes never could keep track of reality.. Your soul is a dreamer, waiting to touch the sun,

    "Life is twined in business. There are lambs to be counted, sleep to be had. Dreams to untangle, and moons to be seen. There are stars to count, and hidden treasures in the dirt. Words to be spoken, and honey to be sipped."

    There is no other like you.

    Love Always,
    Amber Rose,
    June baby.


  3. wow great pants, love the minty green blouse and cute headband too lovely girl

  4. Anonymous5.4.11

    The pants are impecceble especially on you! YOU ARE SO STYLISH GIVE SOME TO THE WORLD GIRL!

  5. Oh goodness, honestly, when do you not look absolutely flawless? It's kind of totally unfair. Those pants are something that would look terrible on me but they look incredible on you. Your hair is really lovely, though. The only shampoos and conditioners that have ever worked for me are the Dove hair therapy ones. By the way I love everything you write, so yeah. :)

  6. I love everything about your blog, most especially you and your cute outfits. :)

    Your hairband and hair are ♥.

    The Cat Hag

  7. wowww i love those pants on you! they would look insane on me :)

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  8. these are beautiful.

  9. those pants look real comfy!! and you look so pretty!!

  10. I love your pants


  11. Those pants and you are absolutely ADORABLE! You look so feminine and flirty but with so much mystery! I LOVE IT!

    xx Erica


  12. I love your pants dear.

  13. You look gorgeous. Those pants are fabulous.


  14. ur amazing and ur outfit too ! please follow me ! and ill follow u back !
    kisses from spain

  15. I have those pants too in black and nude :)
    They are like wearing your pj's. so comfy!

    Following you too. So nice blog you have here.


  16. Thank you for your sweet message :)I am following your too .


  17. Hi,sweetheart Amy!

    Thank you for you visit and you kindnest words by me:-)*
    You looks fresh,lovely,very Springly!!!

    Hugs from AMSTERDAM,

  18. Hi Amy, I am so glad that I found your blog! Thanks so much for you warm words on mine and the follow. Of course, I am going to follow you now. :) You are absolutely gorgeous and so incredibly sweet.
    Have a lovely day!

  19. Ah, beautiful lady, I so enjoyed reading your pearl of words. Spring is such a painterly season, and I do agree, it is a very cheerful season with all the cherry blossoms in bloom, and the earth cracking open to new spring life after the harshness of Winter.

    P.S. I am a new follower;-)

  20. girl you have got some fierce style!

  21. I love your writing here and you hair is amazing! Thank you for your comment, it really made my day! I can't wait to read more of your blog :]

  22. Hi, Amy!

    How are you? What a nice blog and great style you have! :)

    Thanks for having dropped by! I have the feeling I'll come here to visit you quite often. I love fashion but for some reason, I still haven't learnt how to put an outfit together (successfully, that is, hehe).

    hope you're having a nice week!


  23. i adore your blog.
    you look amazing.. its funny that i had a couple of your outfits in my archives from a long time ago and its the first time i visit your blog!
    thanks for your comment :)

  24. Anonymous6.4.11

    I love your pants and your hair looks so pretty. You have such great style

  25. wow, i love this. this is such a great spring look.

    thank you for your comment by the way, darling. you have a great blog x

  26. Gorgeous style...great pics and post!

  27. Such a cool boho look! Well done babe!


    P.S: I'm giving away FIVE supercool Travel Photography guides.. I thought you might be interested! :D

  28. In love with your outfit, you look absolutely amazing! Trousers look fab on you! Love your blog, care to follow one another!? Newly following you xx

  29. love your hair :) nice outfit,btw :)

  30. Absolutely adore this outfit! And I'm also totally smitten with your hair. It's perfect!

  31. thanks for the sweet comment girl! love your style...would love to see you in some of our vintage!



  32. Love this look, those wide leg trousers are so cool! x

  33. Anonymous7.4.11

    WOW! U are amazing girl!!!!!!!!!

  34. Omg! The first time I had saw you was in this outfit on Chictopia and now I have stumbled across your name on someone elses blog and here I am commenting. I love your style and I love your blog... I am NOW following you!
    xoxo asiahlynn

  35. What a wonderful and amazing post you made :) I loved reading it!

    Your outfit is just marvelous :)

    x, I

  36. Wow Im so glad I found your blog... I love your style and your blog!

  37. You are such a beautiful writer and I love this romantic bohemian outfit. I love the color of the sheer blouse and those palazzo pants are to die for!!! I need them! American Apparel!

  38. What a lovely blog you have! Your outfit looks fab, I love the trousers :)
    Thanks for my sweet comment :)
    Rachelle xxx

  39. You look so beautiful. Lovely outfit.


  40. Hello you, what a lovely outfit!
    Thankyou for your kind message on my blog :)
    Loving your's by the way, so whistful and full of gorgeous inspiration.
    Keep it up xxx

  41. Anonymous8.4.11

    just one word. Adorable!

    lovely post,hun!


  42. Anonymous8.4.11

    Amy you write so beautifully. Ive been following your twitter stream and everyday its inspirational to read your poems and way of speech. To know the girl behind the poems is pretty and the most stylish makes you even better. Who knew. Keep up the smile, and hugs

  43. I'm in love with this outfit Amy! So chic! XOXO, www.NatalyasCloset.com

  44. Those trousers are gorgeous, loving this outfit...x


  45. Anonymous8.4.11

    Thank you for your sweet comment, it was really beautiful. Along with the many who say this I think the way you write is so charming! Delicate words of beauty, I love how you describe how you eat, never thought of it as decorating the belly. It's sweet.

    Have you heard of Aussie? They have a shampoo for long hair, I've been using it for over a year now and I'm pretty certain it promotes hair growth as my hair has grown pretty fast since using it, it smells lovely also!

  46. I love your outfit, it's so different from anything I've seen before, and you've styled those trousers so well! Thankyou for your lovely comment!

  47. this outfit is amazing!:) especially the trousers

  48. Love the outfit and love your blog! Am now following x

  49. answer:thank you so much for your lovely comment!!!
    fantastic blog!!*_*

  50. beautiful! those pants look amazing on you!

  51. You are so pretty :) xx

  52. Anonymous14.4.11

    Love those trousers, they look wonderful on you!

    Thanks so much for your kind comment on my blog the other day also, yours is fabulous too!


    lipstick and balloons

  53. Love these pants! This whole outfit is awesome.

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