sun lickin new shoes,

Good morning sweet people,
To begin my day,    I'm coating my sore belly with almond milk.  I think I'll skip breakfast, or else I'll be caught by the quarrel of tummy aches. 

 The weather's been kind to me. Yesterday,  I sprawled over blankets, and wandered through grassy meadows with a friend. We watched the trees slowly sway in the breeze. We caught the sun, and let the beams lick our face.   *~A light wind swept over the corn, and all nature laughed in the sunshine. 

The sky is unfastened as the birds play a musical tune. The heavens are sitting next to me, in a bundle of lilac flowers.  I am spilling with cheeriness. What is the cause of my good spirits?  For one, the summer sky makes me giddy. 

What else makes me pour yellow bursts of light?   Well,  The sight of the seed-bearing petals,  the hue of the rolling hills, and the spice of air flowing through the nostrils.  *~Summer expels the worries of cloud clots, and bathes us in good feelings.

Today, I will keep an eye on the sky while playing mother to the garden.

On Monday, I journeyed to the Value Village for their 50% off day.   After spending two hours harvesting thrift gems, I strummed my savings, and let them curl on top of flowing dresses, and delicate blouses.  

Afterwards, I found myself gobbling at Aldo Shoes.     It is here, where I found these.  Two white wedges, the price of two twenty dollar bills, or 4000 pennies, which ever way you look at it.

I'm in love.

The unbroken sun is calling for celebration.   Celebration in the form of rum + coke

Kisses, and wishes for happy bellies
Love to all !

what i wore
Dress* H&M Thrifted $5
Shoes* ALDO $40
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the fuzzy bear,

Hello western wind plucking at my tree leaves,        hello hot cocoa knocking at my door.
There's a plump bird sitting by the window.   There's a May tree bending in the Rain.        The rain is stuffing buckets, again.... You'd think I'd be used to the cloudburst by now. Instead, I'm caught woolgathering thoughts of toasters.   

The birds are calling for shelter, and I'm whimpering for summer.   These days of wet stuff, and dark lights, ruin all of my plans.  As the meadows turn soggy, and the tree branches sag, I am burdened by walls. Stuck inside, away from the picnics, away from the sun's blessing. 
 If July doesn't dry our bags of bones, I might just slap a goat.

Caught by cloud tailing~ no brain for counting dimes~ tried to be a banker~ but I was born for rhymes

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These photographs were taken on Friday,
Plans for a picnic were destroyed when the sky line turned dusty, and showers began to pour.  I could have become one with the sky, weeping at the ruined day, while soaking my feathers. 
 Instead,    I stretched milky teeth, and found myself smiling.      
We changed our plans, and kept our fates happy.

I blanket my belly~ with the tongue of the swain~ the buckets of love bring calm accord for my brain~

 A once promised open-air feast turned into Vietnamese chomping.    Fish sauce, fresh herbs, lemongrass juices, noodles, and steamed rice. All of the flavors beckoned my tongue.     As I sat by the window,  I peaked into the drenched atmosphere.  My tongue and belly were married by the deliciousness of food.  Suddenly, I realized something, something I hadn't realized before.  Food is more than flavor, color, or fuel.  Food is the magic seed planted by our teeth. Where food is planted,  love grows.

Too often,  where love should have been, I have loathed.  I have tricked myself into believing food is where fatness forms.  At one point in my life, I barely swallowed food.  I was afraid of losing bones, and growing skin on my belly.   I counted my calories.  I pinched my hips. I wasted shooting stars. I ignored the grumbles. I allowed myself to grow bare, and bony.  As my ribs began to poke through my chest,  I still saw the weight of my thighs. I don't know what overcame me, I don't know how my mirror started drawing make-believe.  Fortunately, I reclaimed my taste buds, grew back my skin, and became healthy again. Sadly, I continued to frown at the frame in the mirror.

spend the night beside her• bridle her pleasant whispers• take her dreaming hand• lead her rags to the richest waters.

As I sit here, snacking on marshmallows, carrying the weight of the poor weather,   I find myself turning a new leaf...   Food is here to be loved.        One day, I'll rock upon a porch with frail bones, and blind sight. Will it matter if I lived my life thin as the celery stalk? Or plump as the fuzzy bear?     All that will matter is the tastes of the treasure,  the marriage of flavor, and those who snacked with me.   I do not want rails for legs. I do not want to hear my belly sing.   I will start seeing my rosy-skinned cheeks for what they are.  

spend the night beside her• bridle her pleasant whispers• take her dreaming hand• lead her rags to the richest waters.

Thank you for reading.
Sweet kisses !!!!

what i wore
fur- value village $15
dress- birthday gift from local boutique
shoes- H&M wedges thrifted $15

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fashionsign photoshoot,

"What started out as a rather gray day in Calgary was quickly brightened up by the eclectic style of four of the city’s young fashion and design bloggers. Maybe not bright, but certainly early, the Fashionsign team assembled slightly bleary-eyed and fully-caffeinated. Shortly after we had arranged our equipment and selected some vintage-inspired props, design student and Born Electric blogger Susanne arrived to showcase her personal style for Fashionsign. Sporting some bed-head hair to match her rock-infused wardrobe, Susanne whipped through her five outfit choices, her photos belying whatever sense of camera-anxiety she expressed.

Following a lengthy lunch – and some quick wardrobe changes of our own – the weather decided to cooperate. Flying a Kite blogger Amy, and her cute summer wear, perfectly complimented our sunny outdoor set (who needs a studio?). As our photographers, Jess and Kaitlyn continually arranged both our models and our props the day progressed into a perfectly breezy summer afternoon (wind machine need not apply). KD and Ashley of The Girl with the Messy Hair and Lions Lace Lattes respectively, rounded off the afternoon, and our down-time conversations ranged from Forever21 to the changing demographics of the city. Weather-wise it was a welcome reprieve from an otherwise rainy week, making the shoot an overall picture-perfect day – pun intended."

My deepest heart beats, and mirthful wishes for the entire fashionsign crew. When you bring your body to a photo shoot, you might expect high brow people who judge the way you walk. Instead, Fashionsign opened their teddy bear arms, and brought comfortable blessings.  The atmosphere was warm in temperature and high in spirit. From make up, to dress up, to props, to posing, everything tickled my toes, and brought goodness. 

The issue is out for viewing pleasure in the fall. ((I am SO eager to see the final product.))
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the first day of summer,

Hello Summer, hello burnt cheeks, hello strawberry sips.
As I write to you, I'm sitting on the posy-decorated porch, beneath a simmered sky.  There are marshmallows melting,  knee caps tinting,   and floral fragrance's tickling snouts.   At last,  the rainy June descends, and I can kiss the lips of summer.

If a June night could talk, it would probably boast it invented romance.  ~Bern Williams
To celebrate the first day of Summer, I attached my bosom to the yellow bloom of a sun dress.  I'll have you know, the fur vest, and sweater do not reflect the temperature.  While wearing this outfit,  I was cascaded by secret quarrels of sweat.   Truly,   If I followed fashion by the light of the sun, I would have been naked.

Summer is the time when one sheds one's tensions with one's clothes, and the right kind of day is jeweled balm for the battered spirit.  A few of those days and you can become drunk with the belief that all's right with the world.  ~Ada Louise Huxtable

Summer brings  naked toes, gladdening, and sprightly atmospheres.
For me, Summer brings unblemished thought, and wonderment.  When I gaze into the horizon, I am not burdened by misery.      At Summer's window,   I am no longer a creature of comfort, seeking desolate patterns.  Instead, I become an explorer.    I grow, like a crop, beneath the sugar beams of light.

For my Summer, I will trade yawns for stretches, and scratches for tickles.

For many winters, and inside aching,  I have allowed my restless soul to wilt.  In my life span, I have spent too often as a bare, and hollow creature,   hidden below cotton blankets. I have hid my dreams beneath pillowcases, and tricked my adventures with fear.      As I catch glimpses of my face in the mirror, and my feet in the water,  I wonder.  I wonder how humans can let our souls wither. I wonder why we keep ourselves dreaming, constantly dreaming, but never wearing our dreams.  

When Summer comes, and my belly aches subside, I feel at peace, at discovery, and at growth.   As the earth's dirt warms, so does my soul.  

Watch me gallop. Watch me explore..
Happy Summer feelings.

 Kisses !!

what i wore
sun dress- forever 21 $13
flower headband- nyc flea market $13
faux fur vest- china town $12
floral crochet- mama's closet vintage $0

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June Music Playlist

  • Justin Townes Earle- Lone Pine Hill
  • Justin Townes Earle- The Good Life
  • The Low Anthem- Matter of Time
  • The Low Anthem- Golden Cattle
  • The Head And The Heart- Down In The Valley
  • The Head And The Heart- Rivers and Roads
  • Blitzen Trapper- Furr
  • Blitzen Trapper- Stolen Shoes & a Rifle
  • Hayes Carll- Knockin' over Whiskeys
  • Hayes Carll- Arkansas Blues
  • Bonnie "Prince" Billy- Willow Trees Bend
  • Bonnie "Prince" Billy- Missing One
  • Josh T Pearson- Drive Her Out
  • Josh T Pearson- Sorry With A Song
  • Damien Rice- I Remember
  • Damien Rice- Rootless Tree
  • Joe Pug- Unsophisticated Heart
  • Joe Pug- How Good You Are

This month I've been listening to similar songs. Twangy country, old folk plucking, and love ballads. As I've spent the month hidden beneath cloud cover, and rain drops, I've found blankets in songs. 
I play these songs while I soak my belly in the bubble bath,  and dream of sunshine.

For live music, Timber Timbre was here at the end of May, he spooked a church crowd, and licked melodies with his wild wits.      On Wednesday, we're going to sway beside Justin Townes Earle. 
Keep singing, Keep swinging.

Love to all. x

song of the yellow flower,

The sky has been shrouded by wrinkled wet cloth. The weeping of the cloud is causing soaked shingles. It's been raining for the month of June.  With breaks in between of treasured light, and tempting sun sets. Sadly, the sun visits are far too short for flowers to form.  In our garden, the seedlings are budding, but continue to be soaked in wetness. I have no form of artificial sunlight, or else I'd bring hope to the unsettled flowers.

When I build my garden, the delight is not found in the pressing of seeds, the patient growing, or watching petals form. I fancy playing Rain Clouds, pouring droplets with my bucket, bringing feasts to the seeds. Because of Mother Nature's rain,  I have watered my plants only three times this year. I want the earth to bring dry spells, where I can foster the chive seeds, and the black-eyed susans with my hose, or my bucket. Until then... 

These photographs were taken during the weekend, where I roamed to Vernon British Columbia, and found myself fitted in electric red nylon.  I was there to revel in weather, snack on mango, and bond with the hearts of my fuzzy cousins.  The entire weekend was brimming with glow for the kin, and fire for the family.

My cousin graduated from her high school years. The air was bittersweet. Bitter to recollect the memory, and the passing of the clock. Sweet because gold is ahead of her path.  I wish her the sweetest sugar, the kindest friends, the most cuddly blankets. I am lucky to spend weekends surrounded by her blushing cheeks, and her wild wits.  As she walks, she carries only the weight of laughter, and the love of breath.  We spend days dancing vivaciously, shaking our bellies in the summer, and snacking on chocolate.

The trees, and bushy woods, grow differently than the foliage at home. There are green vines that grow crooked, unknown colors that bud flower frames, and trunks the size of elephants.  The contrast of the woods here, compared to those of home, causes me to wonder.  Only 7 hours away exists new woods, new flowers, new vines.  I can only imagine the mossy hills, the enchanted trees, and the bushes that grow in other countries.  This is why I want to sail away, and travel to uncharted lands.  Like Charles Darwin, breathing in sights, and watching creatures without names....

Today, I nuzzled my body into blankets of cotton.  Sleeping through dawn's hour, waking up for lunch. I snacked on belgium waffles dressed in cinnamon, and suddenly lost my hunger. The rain covering makes me sleepy.  Every hour, I yawn, and crinkle my nose.  

Napping through the day hasn't pardoned my tired lips.   I stretch my eyes to see through windows, and find myself saddened by the wind.  To ignite my spirits,   by evening, I'll be slurping tea cups with a friend, by dusk, I'll be visiting the auburn saloon to hear poets speak.

We eat like kings.

the pear tree/ doesn't know you\ like I do\ the blossom doesn't\ resemble your fountain\ like my arms do..

Here are more photographs from the weekend.  On Saturday evening, we bounced our bellies to the creek side.  We wanted to capture the colors, the sightly waters, and the chocolate lab. This is Ellie, the overgrown puppy, the delicate flower, and the sweet nurtured animal. She is dressed in Hershey's, and she sends treat-tasting kisses.    The world of dogs is a beautiful one.

days spent dozing, as I dream of you, and the placing of your freckles, only I know..

Kisses, and wishes for happy bellies.
xo amy

what i wore
white dress- H&M $50
red headband- claires $1
boots- sponsor
pink Shorts- forever 21 $20

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