picnic and pollen,

Hello Tuesday air.
The sun is playing cradle to the flowers. Allowing the petals to nest in the Sun's sugar.  
I have kindled my cheeks, and colored my branches.
The rosy gloss of Summer makes my insides swim with happiness.  It is healthy, and I am keeping myself happy,  dwelling beneath the sky.

my horoscope says "Keep the light on" 

On Wednesday,
the clouds uncoupled, and a blanket of steam dressed the meadow.  As the sun pressed its self against my bosom, and the moss courted my feet,  I could feel all worries slipping away.  There is something hidden beneath the Summer's charm.  The freedom of bare feet, the trickery of light beams, the scent of raw air, the chants of the song bird.   If I could, I'd slip into summer's spell every hour, of every stretch, of every day.

As sweat firms our brows,  and the land settles with dry gardens,  I am reminded of Picnics. Picnics are the nectar of summer. I can't think of anything so divine.  Resting on blankets, while wearing the Sun's glow. Catching sight of the passing clouds, shapes of ponies, dragons, bunnies, hot dogs, and curious tigers... Magic.

On Wednesday, Me and (a dear friend)Adelaide found our smiles planted in the roots of Princes Island Park. The sun was sunny. The flowers were smelly.  The world was ours, as the sky fed the spirits of dreamers.

With blankets, soda, and icecream cones in hand,  we gladdened our brains, and widened our bellies.  Dear Adelaide, if I could, I'd pluck the sun and place it in your palms.

As all good days do end, they should end with sushi.
We left our picnic, snacked in china town, and fed our spirits with happy expressions.

When I returned to my cave,  I sketched some poetry...

is that you• hidden beneath• a red fowls framework• is that you• entwined to every golden beam• of summer

There is a kingdom~ where toes quarrel with tickles~ where laughter roams like the gentle lamb

There is a boat, only I know. Where cradles are formed beneath silent sleep, and poets are hidden beneath the wild moons weep

Lonesome winds could eat your belly~your heart~or you can let the discomfort~lead you to rivers~where lonely is needed for fishing~

wishes for merriment x

what i wore
skirt- value village $5
hat- zara $40
shoes- the bay $50


  1. The filter!!! Oh goodness I love this post so much! The pic of us is so cute!

  2. Anonymous6.7.11

    This post is so beautiful, I love the way you've worded it - so poetic & the pictures are perfect :) x

  3. Anonymous6.7.11

    The colors are very dreamy. Its as if your day was a fairy tale

  4. You guys look super chic, stunning post and pics :)


  5. you have a very nice outfit !!

    i am your new follower !!
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  6. you're adorable <3 <3 <3

  7. I love your smile :'D
    This post is so nice, especially how you edited the photos

  8. your skirt/belt are so darling!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  9. You are such a pretty girl :)

    Thanks for your lovely comment too <3

  10. GORGEOUS pictures,im in love with your outfit and adore your blog :D

    kate xx

  11. Anonymous6.7.11

    OH this is SO cute! Reminds me of your first looks when you went to New York. The jean vest is adorable. You look like a cute doll :)

  12. Anonymous6.7.11

    OH this is SO cute! Reminds me of your first looks when you went to New York. The jean vest is adorable. You look like a cute doll :)

  13. "picnics are the nectar of summer." :) what beautiful photos of you and your lovely friend!

  14. Thanks for stopping by my blog! You've got quite the blog here too! Going through your posts I'm excited to see more!

    A Candid Life

  15. What a beautiful post! The writing and the pictures flow together so perfectly. Now I really want to go on a picnic...

  16. Gorgeous photos! I really love that effect and your hat is so beautiful! Also I love the boots:D

  17. Lovely outfit! This looks like such a nice day! Your photos are so unique! If you don't mind me asking, how did you edit them? Did you use a vignette? Love it! Thanks for visiting my blog as well! <3


  18. Wow, I'm a new follower of yours and your gorgeous photos make me wanna go out for a picnic as soon as I can! Except that in my country, picnics are rare because it is extremely hot and humid. I can practically feel the happiness and fun from the shots you took. I love the lovely outfits that you ladies donned too! :)

  19. you both look picture perfect, love both your hats

  20. Anonymous6.7.11

    beautiful pics!

  21. beautiful <3
    your skirt is beyond amazing!
    Rosie xo

  22. beautiful photos and outfit! makes me wanna go on a picnic


  23. gorgeous photos! i really like these, and your outfit is fabulous! :)


  24. These pictures are so pretty - very light and carefree. You have a really cool outfit on too! I love the denim vest and your cool boots.

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    I love your photos and your outfit.
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    <3, V

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  26. you are 2 pretty girls:)
    I'm loving theese pics and the outfits
    so perfect for summer time!

  27. You just made me long for picknicks. Crying!

  28. I just found your blog! I love your style!

    Would love you to come check out mine soon!


  29. what a gorgeous blog!!! I absolutely love the images, they are so dreamy! xoxox

  30. great pictures!
    u and your friend look lovely!
    love how poetic your writing is!


  31. Hi,

    Thank you for following my blog. I'm not too sure where you found me from. I love your beautiful dreamy pictures and your poetic words that complement them.

    I like what I see here and I'm definitely following too. Hope to "see you" around more often. =)

  32. Anonymous7.7.11

    You never have a bad post. I mean, most bloggers, they have good and bad. Some inspiring, some medicore. But your always looking stunning in uniquely paired outfits. Your words are also very beautiful. Words are rare on these blogs. But you offer everything here. So enthused with inspiration thanks to you

  33. Lovely outfits of you both!
    Aaaah, summerfeeling! <3

    X Sarah


  34. I love your pictures! xD

  35. beautiful shots n hats :)

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  36. the best part of summer is spending time outside and having picnics, or just relaxing in the shade eating strawberries and watermelon. pretty photos.

  37. lovely photos! i like the way you style your outfit! I would have never thought of doing it that way.


  38. You look gorgeous again, Amy. I really love all of these photos. and your friend is wearing such a pretty dress! ^^ x

  39. Anonymous8.7.11

    You and your friend are pretty.
    I like her hat. And your hat. Picnics are fun

  40. Oh, I love the post ! Pretty landscapes and oh, you are so childish and fun :)

    Yours truly,
    Julls ♥

  41. Never enough floppy hats or jean vests! You two are a coooool drink of water.

    x The Pretty Secrets

  42. Both of you look amazing. Love your style, cutie.

    Love, always
    Karoline Kalvo

  43. Beyond adorable post- can't deal with it!!! Love the first shot- you guys are too cute! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog- happy to have found yours- its amazing!

    I am of course following you now! :)

    Great post!

    moonstruck exposé

    x. juliana

  44. Anonymous9.7.11

    what a beautiful and unique way to write your blog posts - very refreshing!

  45. Lovely post!

  46. Beautiful pictures!!! I'm following you now :)
    Love your boho style!


  47. love both of your outfits, looks like a wonderful day! Nothing better than good food and a good time with a friend, except nature and nice weather as well! your pictures are so pretty, how did you make the telescope look?