feature: cover girl and interview

I am beyond happy and tickled to be the cover girl for Femme Magazine: Spring 2011.
 My deepest gratitude to Cassidy for creating a work of beauty, and for inviting me along the way.

"Femme marks the new age for artistic expression, feminism, and self-empowerment. Our content is real, raw, and sincere."

Go here to browse through the issue, and read my interview *


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in that vine-covered house, madeline played.

We are all so small, curled in the drops of morning.
The sky sits like stone. And I'm left wondering, where is wild blue yonder? I miss the blue sky hanging over our heads like a dream.   My head is beginning to think Blue Skies are a tale of fiction. 

 Hello sweet Friday.
The week has been a flower blossom. Beautiful and bearing fruit.
Monday delivered me lemons.  I found my hands, dripping, with lemon scents. Me and my mom squeezed 5 lemons, and pinched white sugar to compose lemonade. The most sour lemonade to ever tickle my tongue. The lemonade tasted like a movie. While sipping the sugary-sweetness, I closed my eyes. My brain was bamboozled into Summer dreaming... Thoughts of barefoot picnics, little rivers,   and banjo's in the yard made my head explode with colors. Soon enough, the electricity of the sun will devour the powder snow.

Many a moon, I've wished for weeks like this. 

For the outfit, and the ornaments.
The French Connection bottoms are 3 sizes too big. This causes a burden. Constantly shriveled and wrinkled when they should frame the body thoughtfully. I wear them, not for their size, but for their electric hue. (Secret wishes to warm the atmosphere, and melt the frozen vapor..)

Attached to my Madeline hat. Shouting "Pepito"
When I was a young girl, I spent my days dreaming. One of these days was spent pasting Madeline stickers all over my bedside. Stamps of english houses, eiffel towers, madeline, and all of the orphans painted my room...     I always admired Madeline. Her bravado, and stunning character. Her posy dresses, and love for toast.  Her tiny body attached to a giant brain.  The stories of her nature, and the places where her feet went, always awakened my imagination, and paraded my druthers.

So Madeline, dearest, I wear my hat for you.

"We love our bread, we love our butter, but most of all, we love each other." 

 Today, sushi with a honey dame.  A nap. Flower Water. and The Felice Brothers singing "A bottle of scotch
a dime sack and a diamond watch, Wouldn't you like that, A bottle of gin, A typewriter and a violin, Wouldn't you like that.."

To end this post, I welcome Ari. A buxom and plump Pomeranian.  His tongue craves the toothsome salmon bite snack, and human popcorn.  His insides are coated in left overs, and meals caught by grazing. His heart is a garden. Full of sweet-sweet-sweeeeeetness. 

Kisses !!

what i wore
red pants- french connection $12
Madeline hat- vintage shop $8
fur boots- sponsor
dress- vintage shop $12
blazer- ZARA $14

A book of fairy tales from Flowerland*

It's Sunday and the sky is brimming with pleasant feelings. The sun is fetching for my smile, and the air is making me sweat honey.  The fawn is frolicked by the wandering snow.  I'd introduce Spring, but I know better. The temperamental climate has secret motives.   Looking through rose colored glasses at the fruitful weather.  It's day's like this, I'm glad to be landlocked..*

"Every boy and girl—and for that matter every man and woman, too—rejoices when the winter snows have vanished and the earth once more puts on her beautiful dress of green, for then the flowers wake from their sleep and clothe the earth with beauty"     Hundreds of years ago, before clocks or watches were invented, people used to tell the time by means of flowers.. 

The television is whistling, and the forecast spooks my foolery. "Scattered flurries...."
I have eyes for spring. The moody weather keeps me waiting..
By the first blink of warm weather, my hopes' for Spring swallow me.  Instead of bare legged fun, the beatings of my wintered heart collect dust. March holds a beacon for wintry clouds.  I must wait for the loving little flowers, and the fragrant clusters.  It's too soon to wish for flowering. In a matter of hours, the sun will be busy buried in the clouds...*  

For the threads, and the fashion..    The rose colored bow tie is my ornament.  I believe in symmetry, thereupon I love bows... Wound, and snapped to my collar.  The two opposite pink ends forming loops around my neck.   
The blouse is a vintage find.  It bends, and falls from my breast to my belly.  
The posy skirt is from Top Shop. 

"To its devotees the bow tie suggests iconoclasm of an Old World sort, a fusty adherence to a contrarian point of view. The bow tie hints at intellectualism, real or feigned, and sometimes suggests technical acumen, perhaps because it is so hard to tie. Bow ties are worn by magicians, country doctors, lawyers and professors and by people hoping to look like the above. But perhaps most of all, wearing a bow tie is a way of broadcasting an aggressive lack of concern for what other people think."

"I am mistress of the bluebells, and hare-bells, and forget-me-nots, and all the sweet blue flowers."

It's hard to please your body with a new outfit when your room is in an awful state.  If I had my druthers, my room would clean its self.  Sadly, this room, where I rest, is blemished,  and covered in messiness. Clothes here, clothes there,mountains here, mountains there.  I need to free my room from anything that dulls or dims.
  Free me from impurities, and unwanted mountains. 

Sunday, the day to pardon my laziness.  I wish to wear bones in the heat of the day. I wish to sleep in the forests, close to the earth..    My eyes droop, and my head yearns for dreaming...  To my chagrin, today's Sunday requires leg work.   The clock positions too quickly for me to sleep.

To galvanize my day, hot sugar coated porridge made of rolled oats. With hidden banana chips beneath the cream. A toothsome way to welcome my Sunday...*

Kisses !!

what i wore
purple blouse- value village $2
pink bow tie- vintage store on 17th $13
heels- Zellers $10
floral skirt- top shop $13

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playlist march 18

  •  Summer light- The Cave Singers
  • Oh Child- The Cave Singers
  • So long Marianne- The essential Leonard Cohen
  • Suzanne- The essential Leonard Cohen
  • Tangle in this trampled wheat - sometime's the blues is just a passing bird The Tallest Man On Earth
  • Thrown right at me- sometime's the blues is just a passing bird The Tallest Man On Earth
  •  Meadows of dawn- Tremolo the pines
  •  Behind the Time- Tremolo The pines
  • Yonder come the blues- Women + Country Jakob Dylan
  • Everybody's hurting - Women + Country Jakob Dylan
  • Untitled #1- Lonesome The Rosewood Thieves 
  • Honey, stay awhile- Lonesome The Rosewood Thieves
  • Falling Down Blues- A Stranger Here Ramblin' Jack Elliott
  • Richland Women Blues- A Stranger Here Ramblin' Jack Elliott
  • Sawdust Saloon- What the Crow brings The Low Anthem
  • Coal mountain lullaby- What the Crow brings The Low Anthem
  • Upward over the mountain-The creek drankle the cradle Iron & Wine
  • Faded from the winter-The creek drankle the cradle Iron & Wine

Music is my favorite part of breath.  More than poetry, more than prose, more than fashion, more than any form of literature or color hue, more than flowers, or carrot cake. Music evokes eternal summers, and connects me to my inner workings. I've decided to start blogging more about music. This includes.. my musical play lists... 
So for you, and for me, here's my March 18th playlist. I've listed the favorite grooves from each album.  
If you've heard similar tunes, or tapped your toes to parallel melodies, let me know. I'm forever thirsty for new sounds.   Much love, happy listening.. *


a garden for growing roses

Hello Tuesday,

Today is a simple day for recognizing the breadth of earth's bosom.  The past few weeks have been spoiled by worry, and witless imagery. Instead of tickling my senses with sprightly natures, I've been caught by the dreamer's tide.   While clocks are breathing, and bringing me closer to the next candle, I've been dreaming of wandering, and becoming.    Surely, I'm not to blame.  It's rooted within the spirit to dream of other worlds. Some days, dreaming of new lands, new sands, new hills, new cascades, brings rosiness. Sometimes dreaming is a way of departure, of rescue, of flight.    This week, dreaming of new landscapes, only caused me to feel forlorn and melancholy.   Just as wistful breathings entered my skin, I wanted to hide beneath my pillow. Then the sun came up, and reminded me of my heart.
March dresses in early risings, and woodpeckers welcome the new light. My teeth have been munching on gluten free foods. And my tongue has been appreciative of every new flavor.  This morning,   I sipped myself a glass of Vanilla Almond Milk..coated maple sugar dripping on top...and a ripe Banana. My tummy is bending in happiness and good feelings.     For lunch, I'm giving eyeteeth for eggs on brown rice.  

 The Chinook shakes the city, and brings salutations of spring. To kindly thank the weather, I've worn my favorite pants.  The blossoming garden pants dress me in silk, and flow down my frame. These pants are the flower of my wardrobe.  Emblazoned in Roses, and ethereal flowers. 

It's Tuesday, open mic night. You'll find me by the sunlight, writing sonnets, and chasing mare's tails.   By the moonlight, I can be found stirring and swaying to the melody of sound.     Oh the melody of sounds-
This is what we must do: sing, you sing, I sing. From withering roots that live inside our bones, and mummified wells that echoe "can not."  We must sing in sorrow, and love, and in light, and in patches.  At once,  I was locked in silence.  Then a hot bath, and the humming of folk tunes turned my heartbeats into breath. No matter where I am, I want to be singing..*

 "Sometimes she has imagined what it would be like to fly, to live in the river, to run like a horse. She has dreamed of that freedom, that power, and fears the wildness in herself that wants to live as beasts live, moved purely by need and desire. She has felt torn between the heat of her limbs and the thoughts in her mind telling her to be careful and good and always calm.    Don't scream or cry, don't run to him and throw yourself at his  feet, pleading for him to take you in his arms, don't strip off your clothes and run naked to the water, wild with wanting."

Now... to announce the giveaway winner..   Firstly, many thank you's and heart beats for your participation. For fairness, I entered the eligible entries into a random number generator, and for those with additional entries, I entered you for how many times you've entered the contest.     Congratulations Natalie*our number 3 entry* You're the winner of $100 to spend with your mail..*

If you didn't win, don't bend in circles, or frowns.  I'm planning on composing more giveaways, at least one for each month.  If you're interested in sponsoring a giveaway, send me an email     **

Kisses, and peaches
love amy*

what i wore
white blouse- moon from the bay $13
faux fur vest- blue notes $15
wedges- Costa Blanca $44
floral pants- forever 21 $35
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chicshop giveaway*

good morning monday*
I am living in a happy, and fruitful land. The temperature outside is lower than the normal temperature of the human body. But my inner workings beat through happiness.  It is the happiness that keeps me warm.

hot cocoa on the palette- and a head filled with delight. 

March lays its bed by dormant trees, and lonely habitats.  The absence of sunshine could surely make my knees weak.  I could waste my time by wintertide- weeping for the shed of snow. Instead, the absence of sunshine makes me recollective of past summers.  I'm faraway beside grassy hills, and picnics with dreamers.
the numbing winter makes for a thankful summer.* 

My bicycle rests because of the winter's slippery way. With it's saddle like seat, and two wheels in tandem. 
This pedal driven vehicle for the girl without her license was brought to me by a peachy boy.  
It sat lonely by the neighborhood corner with an attached note "free"
Dear untickled bicycle longing to print your tracks,  When Summer is born, I promise to play well. I'll take you for long rides through the parks by the rivers, and the fruit blossoms..
"Some people plant in the spring and leave in the summer. If you're signed up for a season, see it through. You don't have to stay forever, but at least stay until you see it through."

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Much love,

what i wore
blouse- vintage $4
skirt- chic shop boutique sponsor/gift
wedges- H&M thrift $10
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