the fawn and mushroom,

In the summertime, everything is wonderful. My dogs lay in the sun, my mom lays in the sun, my brother, my books, and even my shy neighbors find their part in the sun.  Pairs of well fitted trousers are tucked away, in a box somewhere, with the words "Winter Clothes" written in black.

My freckles are starting to look like a tiny galaxy and my arms are turning into the color of a walnut. I don't need sweaters, socks, a blanket or any back rubs. In the Summer, all I need is soil for our flower pots, a water bucket for cooling off in, and sunscreen.
Dollops of sunscreen.

The only way the season could be better, would be if I lived in a country house, where walking naked through the grass wasn't an eyesore for my neighbors. I could wake in the morning, fry eggs in the kitchen, and find myself dressed in nothing but the breeze.

Sometimes living in the city has its disadvantages. Like right now, the sound of horns in the distance is muting the birdsong above my head. Some days, there is so much noise, it makes it difficult for me to write poetry or even hear my own singing voice.

At least by living in the city, and not being allowed nakedness, I can wear tights that have fawns & mushrooms painted all over.  These tights have got to be my current favorite thing.

On Sunday, Carter is taking me out into the country, to a place where I can poke my toes into the dirt & take pictures of lake water. I think it will be nice to feel the Summer sun beside the country air, and maybe we'll eat sandwiches and bring our instruments too.

See you soon my sweet friends.

pink tutu - - sponsor
fawn and mushroom print tights - Teja Jamilla on etsy - $30
heels - blowfish shoes - sponsor
floral crown - handmade


  1. Tiny galaxy freckles? Shit you're so incredibly talented....oh the words that come out of your fingertips are to die for. They're almost as beautiful and inspiring as your lovely clothes.

  2. I'm sure your nakedness would be adorable too.


  3. Anonymous12.7.12

    Wow... You so beautiful.

    The post warmed my soul.

    From across the sea,

    Xo* Paulo.

  4. Anonymous12.7.12

    I always love your posts.
    Also your outfit is so charming :)

  5. Anonymous12.7.12

    oh my how i long to live in a cottage far away to and have tiny chickens at my feet and grass.

    I wish I had those tights ha ha! I love deers so much <3

    Beautiful post as always sweetness <3

  6. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! all of it ! Love the crown its awesome, the tights are super cute and so is the skirt! and as usual you look oh so magical! Always have loved your blog ans style, right from the beginning i came into this crazy blogging world :P

    love from Hayley xx

  7. This reads like a poem and your outfit is soo dreamy :)
    Drey -

  8. I love your crowns, will you ever consider selling?

  9. Hermosas medias, mágicas.:)

  10. :') You are perfect x

  11. Anonymous12.7.12

    This is magical. One of my favorite posts by you for sure Amy. You are a wonder!

  12. What an awesome photo shoot and I love the flower crown!

    Have a great weekend! ;D


  13. wow, i love your outfit, so enchanting! and you are so lovely, as always! <3 :-)

  14. Anonymous13.7.12

    I just love your freckles. They are so cute and I wish my skin was fair so that I could have some. Your tights are so cute too and so fitting for you. I hope you and Carter have fun out in the country. Sounds like it will be magical! <3


  15. Stunning words the almost sing and dance on the page! I know you'll enjoy the country, it's funny because I'm so used to the countryside I yearn to be living in the city. A balance is healthy I think :)
    Beautiful post!

  16. This outfit is amazing <3
    I love the leggins and shoes <3 and everything.
    I wish I could wear those clothes but not in my country :(

  17. i love how whimsical and romantic you dress! this is such a playful outfit, what with the deers and the tutu. you are so so adorable :)

  18. You look like a fairy, amy! a little doe with flowers and tutu opening her heart into the wild. can´t get any better. You reminded me i miss my childhood freckles, they were like glittered honey. once again, you are so inspiring, girl ;)

  19. Ahhhh! How are you wearing tights?! Crazy girl. I've pretty much entirely stripped down this past week.

  20. This outfit is absolutely adorable, I don't think I have ever seen anyone rock a tutu so well! You write beautifully, reading your post felt like I was in a story book!

    Also wanted to let you know I am hosting my very first giveaway for a $40 gift card to my vintage etsy shop! If you would like to enter, stop by:
    Hope you're having a wonderful friday and enjoy the country!
    xo Hannah

  21. Those tights are so cute! They look amazing with this outfit. You are so beautiful.

  22. Oh my goodness, those tights are the cutest things I have ever seen!


  23. Those tights are adorable!

    xx maggie

  24. Anonymous14.7.12

    Your flower crown is perfection, dear.
    xo, Tori

  25. You are sooo beautiful ^_^. Yaay and so is your lovely flower pot! And your poetic way of writing most anything out. I love the part where you say your freckles start to look like a galaxy hahah. That's adorable since I enjoy freckles and galaxies!
    Outfitwise, I love it all, especially the tights :)

    Cheers and enjoy your summer lady!

    Ginela Gonzalez

  26. So pretty and stylish. beautiful dress and lovely pics.
    Parfum pas cher

  27. Anonymous16.7.12

    Oh my gosh I love this outfit! You look seriously stunning!

    Emma x

  28. your printed tights are too cute, sweet amy :)

    Steffys Pros and Cons

  29. So cutee* I love this photos :)
    xoxo, Chance to change

  30. Tracy17.7.12

    Amy you are so lovely, the flowers enhance your beauty and your words flow like chocolate...and I love chocolate!

  31. This is so playful and fun, as always! I absolutely love your pink tulle skirt and your floral crown is gorgeous too.

  32. lovely!!!kisses from Italy

  33. How nice about the day of laying in the sun! What a beautiful skirt! Love these photos.

  34. liking the dreamy effect of every photo! the outfit are really nice and match the effect xo

    The Young Bridget Jones

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