a sun-drenched elsewhere {part 3}

These were our final days on Vancouver Island.
Every morning the sound of chopping firewood was our alarm clock and the smell of it's burn was our breakfast calling.  We ate beef jerky, eggs, buttered toast, cheese and bowls of cereal. I wish I could always eat my breakfast on the forest floor.  The sounds of a squirrel and morning birds singing, makes everything taste better.

There's something to be said about sleeping in the forest too. Images move in your mind like paintings and flowers get built inside of your head. Each dream I had was so colorful, almost as bright as the waking forest itself. If only the city had fresh air like this, I would never have trouble sleeping again.

Next to our campground there was a batch of large trees. In between them there was a dirt trail that walked you to the ocean. One early morning we followed that trail. I stood there, with the lightness of my feet in sea water, watching the waves roll on by. Below me, little fish touched my ankles and then disappeared into sea foam.  This kind of view could dim the face of a lover.

We wanted to swim with our heads underwater but the water was cold. I splashed my hands around trying to convince myself... dive in you silly human.... you don't got forever.... After a few gulps, I finally let my muscles pull me in. Nothing compares to the feeling of ocean surrounding your body. Not even a hot bath or swigs of the wildest whiskey can compare.

After letting my hair be sweetened by the water, I popped up and saw two seals. They were watching us swim. I waved at them and similar to a whack-the-gopher game, they'd poke their heads through the water and then hide. This continued on for awhile as they kept swimming closer.
We were tired from our swim before they reached us.

  On our last day, we went to Cathedral Grove (an old growth forest in the provincial park.) The forest is home to a rare ecosystem. Douglas fir trees, western red cedars, huckleberry, and woodpeckers live there. Some of the trees are more than 800 years old, having survived loggers and wicked storms.

Each tree is like an upward pull, tilting your head toward the clouds. Beetles look like jewels on the dirt path. Ancient branches hang over your head like heaven. There are aboriginal markings on tree trunks, bright green moss, and clean clean air in your lungs. It's a very ethereal and haunting place, you could almost comb through a spirit's hair.

I didn't want to go back to the city. The ocean and the forest felt more like home.

See you again soon Vancouver Island.

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  1. Your dress is so gorgeous!


  2. Beautiful photos and style! I love your dress and the vintage-esque photos. I invite you to enter a giveaway for a vintage-inspired headband on my blog!

  3. Beautiful girl! <3 You are so gorgeous love love love this post!

    Elizabeth E~


  4. Anonymous22.9.12

    What a beautiful girl in a beautiful place.

  5. Wow! beautiful words to describe how happy you were there <3
    Lovely pictures too.

    Have a happy sunday,
    see you!

  6. What an incredibly beautiful place! And it sounds like a dreamily wonderful time!

  7. Gorgeous photos and such a pretty dress!!


  8. the sweetest dress ever

  9. I adore this. I have the exact same feeling when I go camping. I love the "you could almost comb through a spirits hair", your words are so beautiful. That is my favorite dress, if I couldn't have it, I'm so glad you do. You look lovely. :)
    xo, Tori

  10. Your dress, well and you, are both very lovely.

    Also, I love the photographs of the old trees. They remind me of the Redwoods.

  11. Those boots are awesome...I can't believe they were soo cheap!



  12. I love the way you write your posts. The words in this one created a whole world full of fairytales in my mind... I almost could feel the cold water around my skin... Just go on like this, your blog is adorable.

    xx from far away... Yours, Lara

  13. what a stunning dress, that print is crazy! and I love the backdrop so much!

  14. what a lovely dress!!!! it looks perfect on you!! ^^
    oh, and that paradise...the photographies are awesome!

    xoxoxo dear

  15. oh I cannot remember last time I was camping =) it makes me think about my childhood... Love the pictures of the woods and I adore your dress =)

  16. amazing pictures! <3 x http://day-dreameer.blogspot.pt/

  17. this dress is gorgeous!! especially with the boots, it's such a nice contrast

  18. You looks so so cutee *.*
    xoxo, Chance to change

  19. the dress is amazing!
    the prints are one of a kind
    and I love the pictures of the trees and the waves
    make me miss nature. busy city life can be overwhelming someteimes :)

    The Sweetest Escape 

  20. that dress is so pretty, and so are you!

    Steffys Pros and Cons

  21. That is one interesting dress, I can't decide if I actually like it or not... Love your pictures though, they're so dreamy!!

    x Aliya

  22. Discovering this park sounds like a true adventure. I love nature and all it's beauty, power and even the danger. You took the most amazing photos and were wearing the most amazing dress :-) x

  23. Anonymous23.9.12

    Being in nature is the most relaxing and spirit-calming experience. We were definitely meant to experience being in nature! Glad that you had a great time and I bet those seals were so cute! <3


  24. Amy you look beautiful as always <3 that dress looks amazing on you and suits you extremely well glad you had a good time :)

    Hayley xx

  25. Beautiful post. words can barely describe.


  26. a beautiful spirit in a beautiful dress in a beautiful place living a beautiful life.

  27. Umm these photos are beautiful! And so are you! I would also love to eat my breakfast in the forest every morning! Sounds like such a wonderful trip!
    <3 Kastles

  28. Fell in love with your dress. Please write, where you bought it?

  29. Great find with those boots, they are awesome ! Beautiful photos yet again. :)

  30. You are gorgeous and have you a lovely blog. I've just discovered it and I like it a lot!!!:)


  31. So pretty, as always! I love your dress. The print is very unique and the colors are so perfect for fall!

  32. Love the dress!
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  33. Crysta Leanne29.9.12

    I'm usually a lurker but yay Cathedral Grove! That's my neck of the woods :) I love being a West Coaster

  34. Anonymous5.10.12

    Cute butterfly prints on the dress.

  35. nice blog!maybe we can follow each other if you want? :)