What to wear to a summer wedding:

I always know when spring has been welcomed by the presence of May tree flowers. You can smell them bursting into bloom and filling their branches with little white clusters. Fruit does not drop from the tree for humans to eat, only squirrels and quick birds get lucky sometimes.

 The biggest May tree in our neighborhood grows in my backyard every spring but sadly Black Knot disease has taken over and left our tree pale and without flowers. We've tried to save it ourselves by scraping the disease that hugs the branches but calling for an arboist (tree doctor) seems easier. We'll just have to twiddle our thumbs and wait to see if our tree can be saved. If not, my heart will surely shrink in size.

These photos were taken for Fashion Magazine's latest style panel question: 
"What would you wear to a summer wedding"? Here is my response :)
If you've been invited to a summer wedding and you think that means you’re obligated to buy a new fancy gown, think again. Weddings can be formal occasions where you should dress your best but that doesn't mean your best needs to be bought. Why not wear one of your favorite summer dresses in a new way (with a shawl and your hair curled)? Or if you’re concerned about colors, wearing a romantic one like lavender will almost always suit the wedding’s atmosphere.
Wearing comfortable yet stylish shoes is often overlooked when getting dressed for weddings. Sometimes you’ll end up doing a lot of standing or maybe you want to head straight to the dance hall after the ceremony, a Mary Jane or t-strap with a small chunky heel in pastel colors is an ideal shoe. After all, you don’t want to miss out on the dancing because your feet hurt!
I don’t believe weddings should have strict rules on event attire. However, wearing white is too risky unless the bride has advised you to and opting for shorter-length dresses best suits the summer air. Assembling flowers into your hair or wearing a crown is a beautiful way to complement the season and blend into the romantic atmosphere.
Lavender Dress - Mod Cloth  | Tstrap heels - Bait footwear | Floral Crown - Dolly Darling 

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  1. Anonymous23.5.13

    Beautiful words and pictures Amy. Now I wish I had a wedding to be invited to, would love to wear lavender. Best wishes to you and your tree

  2. How is your hair sooooo long?

    The Lovely Lives

  3. Great tips! I think this outfit would definitely be perfect for a summer wedding. The color of your dress is super pretty and I love the flowers in your hair!

  4. It makes me very sad that the May tree is not doing well. We had a beautiful May tree that bloomed in our front yard when I was young. It was so fragrant and full of flowers...you could smell it throughout the house. It was a wonderful sign that summer was on it's way!

    As always, you look lovely and your dress and floral crown would be perfect for wedding!

    Love mum!

  5. So beautiful! I love the look! It just adds romance to a wedding.

    Style Infatuation

  6. sweet photos, sweet look, sad loss about the sick tree.

  7. Anonymous24.5.13

    Those flowers are so pretty. I bet the smell is magical too. . . OH I love smelling flowers :)!

  8. gorgeous look Amy <3 You are such a beautiful girl inside and out!

    Hayley xx

  9. You look so whimsical..Like a fairy princess or a nymph.

    xo Joana
    Grow In Fashion

  10. This is adorable. I remember falling in love with that ModCloth dress many months ago on their website but never got the change to snag one up, so glad you did! It looks lovely on you. Everything about this embodies springtime so perfectly.
    xo, Tori Lynne

  11. Anonymous26.5.13

    Where can I buy this dress?! It's so gorgeous!

  12. Anonymous26.5.13


    Have a lovely day ;-) ;-)

  13. Your hair is so pretty!! And I love your freckles :) Such a pretty dress too.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love your style!

  14. you are sooo cute!
    your hair is beautiful!


  15. I know the smell and I love it <3
    Your violet dress is perfect <3


  16. Beautiful outfit!! I love it all and wish it would take up residence in my wardrobe ;) xx

  17. Your blog never fails to inspire me Amy. I will forever be captivated by your lovely words and whimsical outfits. You view the world so beautifully.

  18. Oh wow, your pictures and outfits are so dreamy!

  19. These pictures and outfit are absolutely beautiful! So perfect for a summer wedding ;)
    xo TJ

  20. Just wanted to say this blog is in my best blog list on #46. I love your design template, exactly where would you download it through?

  21. this outfit is perfect for a summer wedding.

  22. So awesome!!! Love the pictures and you look amazing! Thanks!