Send your blogger to Italy contest

Dear Italy,
My eyes have only met you in pictures but I have dreamed of your architecture and how it would feel to stand beneath it. I have wondered what you taste like and the way you might look in the morning light. I want to meet you and learn for myself that you're more than just a bowl of pasta.

11 Canadian fashion bloggers were asked to style an item from Twin-Set in a location that is reminiscent of Italy. I thought about holding a bottle of wine and standing below an olive tree, but I live in a place where it's hard to find Italy so a church made of cobblestone will have to do. The reason for taking pictures in a landscape inspired by Italy is because Twin-Set is holding a contest that promises a trip to Milan for the winner! All you have to do is vote for your favorite blogger.

I'd love to put Italy in my passport's pocket so if you could vote for me here --> Twin-Set Style Contest I'd be forever grateful! You can vote every 24 hours until May 10 11:59 pm.

It is coincidental that my parents landed in Italy yesterday for a much-deserved vacation. They don't often travel without me and my brother so I can't help but throw my hands in the air and say "Italy, Italy, somebody take me to Italy!"

What I'm Wearing 

Sweater : Twin-Set | Boots : Forever 21 | Bow Knee-High Socks : Oasap  | Floral Headband : dolly darling

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Vintage Urban Renewal is an Etsy shop filled with a collection of bohemian-chic dresses and other beautifully crafted vintage. Every item for sale could easily belong to my own closet and blend into my dream wardrobe. The store boasts over 1000 sales and after taking a peak I think you'll want to add yourself to the admirer list too!

I'm happy to bring you the opportunity to win a $50 gift card to spend on Vintage Urban Renewal.

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Monday's list: the week of April 15

>>> Click on a name to listen to the songs. <<<
I could go on forever.....

    Include your own answers to the list in a comment and/or share an idea for next Monday's list. I look forward to hearing which songs make you grin!

    Monday's list is a weekly feature. View previous weeks here.

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    romwe: end of season clearance

     My friends at Romwe .com are having a clearance sale - up to 70% off!
    The sale runs from April 17th to April 19th.
    Click on the poster to see which items are on sale.

    Happy Shopping! 
     (✿ ♥‿♥)

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    come home springtime

    I wish I could continue the story of how springtime is fastened to the sun and the moon. Instead, a storm of wind and frozen water has ruined all of my plans. I should expect this by now - I do live in a city of temperamental weather. Every morning I scan the sky, afraid of the wind that comes with it, hoping that by the end of the day I'll be wearing a skirt and smelling the harebells that grow in our neighborhood.

    Springtime I'll stop waiting for you. It is such a waste to constantly write about my length of love for spring flowers and warm weather when every year the same cycle continues. Winter always feels too long and prematurely dancing at the first sight of sunshine just ends in disappointment. I need to write and dream about things other than how the sky makes me feel.  

    Wearing a dress made of flowers and socks, blooming red, is the medicine I need for having no flowers growing in the dirt outside

    “You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.”
    ― Pablo Neruda

    What I'm Wearing 

    red hat : walmart $15 | shoes : oasap | dress : value village $4 | collar : romwe

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    Monday's list: the week of April 8

    In light of recent efforts to grow my blog and turn it into something more personal, I have been brainstorming and trying to find ideas for weekly features that are both fun for myself and the reader. Ideas are not hard to come by but planting them into posts and watching them grow into flowers is a bit of a challenge. Change is healthy, I need to remind myself of this.

    When I was younger I had a passion for listography. I would spend hours writing my own lists and coloring in the leftover space with smelly markers. I had lists of my favorite chocolate bars, who I wanted to kiss, places I wanted to travel and even dog names so I'd be prepared if my birthday wishes ever came true. Through list-making, you can form your own autobiography and have fun learning about yourself. Like other childhood hobbies, I lost the habit of making lists as I got older.

    When I was pulling out ideas for weekly features, I thought about my stale love for list-making. What better place than here on my blog to rekindle this hobby?  Every Monday I will post a new list with my answers and I hope you'll join in!

    1. Old time Banjo
    2. Making Terrariums
    3. How to press and dry flowers, weeds and leaves
    4. How to keep my hair from tumbling into knots
    5. Real blues on the guitar
    6. Courage to read my poetry aloud or sing my own songs
    7. How to rise before 9am without needing a nap in the afternoon
    8. The art of belly dancing
    9. Master all of the recipes my mom taught me to love while growing up
    10. How to have one house in the country, one in the city & one by the sea (the dream..)

    Include your own answers to the list in a comment and/or share an idea for next Monday's list. I look forward to hearing what you want to learn!

    Monday's list is a weekly feature. This is the inaugural post.

    a visit to the mountains

    I am writing 2 weeks after I planned on writing to you. The days are moving so quickly, it feels like I close my eyes to blink and suddenly the daylight has turned into dusk. I'm usually left with a bad taste in my mouth when time disappears from me but when the hills are drying and birds are coming home, I can't help but feel happy. Spring is sewn to every moving cloud and soon we'll be having backyard cerveza while the monarch visits the milkweed.

    On March 19th, we traveled to Banff. My dad had a business meeting and I desperately wanted time away from the city so Carter and I came along. We left early and traveled an hour long road filled with poems of geology. The sun was hovering over the mountains and everything felt right, as if the view from my window made up for all the bad days I've ever had.

    We ate breakfast at a Louisiana-styled restaurant called Tooloulous. I ate my favorite meal, a smoked salmon bagel and carter had a crab omelet crepe. It was delicious! After extending our bellies, we wandered the small town, unwrapped chocolate fudge & pretzels (a must if you visit Banff) and came upon a frozen lake.

    The lake was inviting, although a frigid temperature surrounded us, the sight was gracious enough to warm my bones. We stood there for awhile, in conversation and in silence. Sometimes when next to something as colossal as a mountain, words are unnecessary. There is no denying the way life-sized mountains trample the ones living inside of my heart. 

    I'll be back soon Banff. 

    What I'm Wearing 

    flower headband : dolly darling | shoes : bought in montana | coat : value village 

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