my life in photographs

Taking photographs has always brought me endless amounts of joy. Whenever I feel like getting lost in something that exercises my creativity but also makes me feel happy, I count on picture-taking. Every time I take a photograph, I want to show people how I see the world from my own eyes. It's not always easy translating your emotions and eyes onto a picture, but when it works out, it feels a lot like freedom and even more like fun.

Lately I have been using Instagram as a place to document my life. I think those who knock Instagram down and say it's a selfish place are people who don't understand it at all. My moments spent on Instagram are inspiring. There are so many other banjo players, pine cone collectors, mountain climbers, happiness seekers and life enthusiasts that make me want to reach my dreams. It's a place that is less about photography and more about story-telling which is why I started taking pictures in the first place, so I could tell my own story.

Here is the start of a monthly post where I share my life through photographs :)
my username is amyflyingakite , what's yours?


  1. Hi Amy!
    Lovely photographs!!
    I enjoy the vintage and personal romanticism you see. They are all truly inspiring.
    Thank you for sharing these, as i don't have an instagram. Not out of dislike, though, i think instagram is wonderful, but i don't have a smartphone or the time right now to expand my web interaction. Maybe someday i will...
    Beautiful pictures of the banjo and guitar are my favorite!


  2. Sarah Q13.3.14

    I want to hear you play your banjo, I always admire the pics you take with it. Makes me want to learn how to play, please post a video of you playing :)

  3. Gorgeous pictures, mine is @dulceamalthea

  4. where are those cartoony tights from!? too cute!

    1. Here's the link to the etsy shop I bought them from :

      They are handpainted and I love them so much! x

  5. I like using instagram to document my life as well. It's interesting to look back at a picture and be taken back to a moment of time that gave you happiness. Your photos are lovely, and now I want sushi ^.^

  6. such beautiful pictures <3
    mine is japobs, I'm following you! :)

  7. I've just come across your blog and I am loving it! And am now following you on instagram because your photos are so dreamy (especially that one of the dresses hanging on the wall!). Mine is @saradownton :)

  8. That tea cup is so pretty, and I love candles. They make the house so cozy. I've never tried Instagram before. Your pictures are lovely.


  9. you have so many beautiful little things !
    and the way you talked about photography, you spoke for what i've been thinking, too.

  10. Sweetly gorgeous pictures!

  11. oh amy, your life seems perfect <3

  12. Anonymous16.3.14

    Beautiful pictures
    Beautiful words
    Beautiful life

  13. Great post!Amazing pics)Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Just let me know in my blog. xoxo

  14. I love your style and photographs and your header! I will be following you e-very-where in a few minutes; absolutely love your blog. :) :) xo

  15. Anonymous28.3.14

    Oh, I love, love, love those white shoes! Please tell me they're still for sale, and where I can buy them?

  16. From the photographs, I can see that your life is colorful.

  17. I like guitar, I think those who can play the guitar is cool.