Pine cones

If you ask what comes to mind when I think about winter, the answer is pine cones. They may not drip with the sticky sweetness of a springtime berry or fall softly into the grass like a flower, but they are what give the forest legs. I think about all of the baby seeds that live within the cone and how it remains a shelter until they're ready to stretch out and grow into their own pine tree. I look at all of these scattered pine cones, some are hidden beneath winter snow, others roll into autumns leftover sap, and I see little wombs for the forest.   

Pine cones are a lot like human beings, the right amount of sunlight and shadow is where we both begin. 

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  1. beautiful. i love how you write as well.
    we don't have many pine cones here in Kansas, but when i find a few i treasure them. i love how you describe and enjoy such small and somewhat normal things in life :)


  2. Gorgeous post!
    You look like a doll!

  3. cassidy h24.3.14

    what a gorgeous post!

  4. Your dress is absolutely gorgeous, and your hat really completes the look. I miss the smell of pine, I don't smell it often ecause Pine trees are not that common in Sydney. But I love how fresh they smell.

  5. Lovely outfit. Pine cones are the perfect home decor

  6. A really lovely post. You look just beautiful and that is such a pretty dress. I used to keep pine cones in my room on my vanity table. I love them .

  7. Anonymous26.3.14

    Your outfits and words are always so unique. I really do look forward to them =)

  8. Your look remind me of a fairy tales, Little Red Riding Hood, I don't know why, but you look like a cute doll!!! I love your dress, love your hat too. they are a elegant combo, perfect. I like pine tree, it smells good. I remember that when I was young, I often pick up a lot of pine for fun.

  9. Dreamy photos! The dress is beautiful, you look adorably bohemian/whimsical!

  10. Lovely pics!!

  11. So cute, they look like pineapples.

  12. Pine-cones are largely omnivorous, and will eat just about anything, including the cage or shelter you're keeping him in. Industrial Demolition