Bamberton Forest

 The forest floor was wet by rainfall when we arrived in Bamberton, Provincial Park. It is my belief that few things in life are as sweet as the scent of rain kissing the leaves of a thousand wild pine trees. When the rain finally stopped, we followed a path that lead to the ocean. The sand was wet like the forest and each corner of sky had rainclouds waiting for the right moment, we knew it would begin to pour again so we tried to enjoy the empty beach while we could. Within minutes of walking into the water, a seal popped its head up as if to say welcome, he was so close you could see the sea on his whiskers. I waved at him and watched him disappear into the water below, what a strange world we live in I thought to myself.

The rainclouds found their right moment as droplets of water started kissing the roots of our hair. We played catch in the drizzle until heavier rainclouds came, then we decided it was time to go home and cook us a pot of hot soup. We spent the evening talking to each other while rain splashed against the window of our van. We talked about music, sorrows, and the people in our lives that we love. It felt like happiness, a very cozy happiness.

On a hot July day, we drove into Victoria and found ourselves wandering through a flower garden. Roses of every color appeared like a gardener's dream. I turned towards Carter and asked him if he thought I would ever have a garden like this one, he replied, "With the way you love and care for your flowers, all you need is the land." I closed my eyes and saw a field where the sun was glowing over my flowers, there was no end to the blooms, no fence to tell me where I should stay put, only miles and miles of petals on stems and the smell of cooked soil. It was a hazy daydream, the kind that invites you to stay awhile, but you know you must keep on living as you always have. We enjoyed the garden, running from plant to plant, smelling flower to flower, until it was time for us to buy tickets for the museum and spend the afternoon learning about ourselves and the wild world around us.

My parents used to make a home in Victoria. They lived, loved and created memories together before their names became mom and dad. Their home was where hydrangea flowers burst into bloom, so close to the seawater my mother's hair was curled by it. I know in the soul of my mother, there is a dream of living here again. She was born for the ocean and I will do whatever I can to bring her back to it. Maybe one day, it will be here in Victoria where the garden in my hazy daydream grows.   
The Outfit
  Blouse – Value Village
  Butterfly sandals – Value Village
Gardening Hat Sunnyside Garden Centre 

The Location
Bamberton Provincial Park & Campgrounds, Vancouver Island
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  1. Oh my, what a wonderful set of photos, so lovely <3 I must say I love the hat!

  2. Nice photos as usual and the dress is sooo beautiful <3 <3


  3. Anonymous12.8.14

    I'm amazed by every single one of your photoshoots. The scenery that surrounds you, the way you style yourself...always so peaceful and beautiful.

  4. Wonderful photos, I love your skirt! :)


  5. Anonymous12.8.14

    You are such a rare and wonderful breed. These shots are magical - love the microcosm of the skirt in the grander forest beyond.

  6. oh wow that dress is awesome. I love all the colors! Your photography is pretty too :)


  7. Anonymous12.8.14

    This is such a wonderful blog post. I just love your photographs and how fitting your words are. Just like magic.

  8. This place and your pics are absolutely stunning! Since here in Barcelona flowers are not looking so good on summer (the hot is not that good to them!) I specially admire beautiful gardens during this time of year :)

  9. Such magical photos, I love them!!


  10. great look! awesome blog! following you<3


  11. You're pictures are amazing like always, Amy. You're such a dreamer, I love that!

  12. All of these photos are just magical! Though not Dorothy persay, this outfit really makes me think of Oz and other fairylands!

  13. Anonymous15.8.14

    beautiful Amy. I love your skirt

  14. All of these photos...is so beautiful!:')
    That skirt is so gorgeous!!<333

    Adventure of P-Chaaaan!!

  15. These pictures are so beautiful,
    what a wonderful place.
    And your outfit is perfection - that
    skirt is so pretty and it fits so perfectly
    into the secenery. :)


  16. Such gorgeous pictures and an amazing skirt. I love how the skirt's pattern looks against the woodsy scenery. Just beautiful!

    Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

  17. I am so so so in love with the floral skirt you are wearing in the pic.

  18. There are so many beautiful flowers there, and you look just like these flowers.

  19. I am in absolute love with that skirt of yours. Much like everyone else who commented :) By the way, I went ahead and followed you on Instagram if you don't mind. Your ability to capture life is absolutely stunning. Find me @littleladychang !