Birds and Boots

If you don't believe in magic, then perhaps you have never been to an old growth forest. It is here where you will find magic the mosses, the mushrooms and the canopy of trees. If you look to the age of a grandmother's house or the greying dog that has been by your side since you were born, it is hard to imagine how the trees in an old growth forest are six to seven hundred years older. Trees here have reached the sky and jumped into the painting that is life. They have survived forest fires, floods, winter storms, humans and time itself. Even the ones that didn't make it still go on providing life for the forest floor with a love and generosity only nature could understand.

We slept in our van and studied the forest by both eyes and feet. We rose early and hiked through tree roots and wild animal territory until we found swimming holes or places to gaze upon. By six in the evening, we retired our legs and came to the campground to cook dinner. Some meals were palatable, most of them came from a can and tasted downright dull. For every meal we ate (beans, pasta, soup, canned fish, dry cereal...) we were reminded of how good our life is at home and how lucky we are to know the taste of fresh food. I felt very grateful knowing my hunger was only temporary, for so many unfortunate souls hunger is a way of life.

Late one afternoon, I decided on making rice krispie squares. We had every ingredient we needed; the giant cloud-like marshmallows, butter, travel size rice krispie cereal packets and a frying pan. What we did not have was the exact measurements, so instead of a traditional marriage between marshmallow and rice krispie, I tossed in a packet of fruit loops and frosted flakes too. Not knowing what to expect, I dug a spoon into my dessert and pressed it against my taste buds, the result was a magical burst of flavor! I spent two days eating that dessert straight from the frying pan it was born into but nothing was so sweet as the local raspberries we collected in Victoria.

The forest is not for those who are easily afraid of rustling noises or shadows. When night falls, it falls quickly and without warning. There are no streetlamps or long sunsets to guide your way, only the light of a handheld lantern or waiting until daybreak to reveal where you are. The darker the campground, the more your mind wanders into a picture show of ghost stories you read as a child and images of wild bears and howling wolves. Needless to say, the forest is not for the fainthearted, but when I am there, I somehow feel brave.

If you don't believe in life and the only feeling that surrounds you is one of sorrow and disappointment, travel to the old growth forest, it is there where I learned to sing loudly again. How could I not when wild birds told me to throw away the invitations to my pity party and sing louder than ever before? I may be sensitive, restless, bold with bad timing, shy when I shouldn't be, shorter than I want to be, but I am alive, alive, alive, alive, alive. If you are reading this, you are not a rag doll, you are a living breathing human being. The world is ours to explore and discover. Let us visit the old growth forest and be glad we are alive to do so.

Our first campground was located in Goldstream Provincial Park. A picturesque old-growth forest full of deer, birds, fish, wild flowers, Western Red cedars, Douglas fir trees, Big leaf maples, Arbutus, hiking trails, waterfalls and places to swim! 
Next stop: Campgrounds by the Seaside.

The Outfit
PantsMoon Apparel
Boots – Value Village
Gardening Hat Sunnyside Garden Centre 

The Location
Goldstream Provincial Park & Campgrounds, Vancouver Island

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  1. Anonymous4.8.14


    I would like to travel where you travelled. It is so close to the ocean and yet even when you are visiting the lakes and streams, it still looks so beautiful. I love the birds, you are a sweet bird yourself xoxoxo

  2. wow such beautiful photographs! You have a beautiful blog like a story book! The photos are stunning! x

  3. I want to feel alive too. Maybe I should leave the city.

    / Avy

  4. incredible photos! nature is so beautiful

  5. Aaah, you're quite brave! I don't know if I could camp in a woodsy place with dangerous animals lurking in the bushes. I consider myself very lucky to live in a place where there are no such things as wandering wild bears and wolves and what not--not even snakes!

    By the way, since this is my first time visiting your blog, I feel the need to tell you of the volume with which I squealed upon seeing your blog's banner! Oh my butterfly, it's the cutest thing! I'm smitten. ♥

  6. Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog and I just absolutely love it! Your blog reminds me of a story book and it is just so cute. I love that dress so much-the colors are fantastic. It looks like you had a good time camping-I'm doing that in a couple of weeks for a little bit.
    Anyway, I'm following you on Bloglovin' now!:)
    xo Olivia

  7. SO magical. those "rice crispie treats" sound amazing, but you are very right in that nature's fruit is much sweeter! i just love that top - it is very fitting for the environment you were in!

  8. Lovely photos, it looks like a wonderful trip. :)

  9. I love the photographs, so beautiful! Such a good depiction of nature :)

    MJ //

  10. What a gorgeous blog you have! Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for your sweet comment on my post. I can't believe I wasn't already following you!! So glad you found me so I can follow you along on your adventures. :)

    xox Sammi

  11. oh amy, you are living in a dream right now. what a magical and wonderous adventure you are in. i can only one day hope to go there myself. being a Kansas girl, i have never spent a night or explored a proper forest. honestly, trees make me feel a bit claustrophobic, but in the light of adventure, i can do anything, i think.
    keep sharing these wonderful posts. the lighten my day and refresh my wanderers soul.

  12. Emma4.8.14

    Such a cool adventure, beautiful story and pictures xxoo

  13. WOW this place... those photos! Where is this place?! Beautiful look! <3

  14. Beautiful photos! You're right; the place does look like magic!

  15. Everything about everything in this post is perfection. You seriously took my breath away!

  16. I love this outfit, it looks fab and fun at the same time. You look beautiful doll. Lovely blog here btw!

    Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Please let me know on my blog so I can follow back. Thank you!


  17. The birds print is so cute! Awesome photos:)

  18. This post is such an inspiration. I want to get out in nature and really experience it, with all of my senses. You are a phenomenal writer with such a wonderful voice! I know I'm going to love reading your blog :) Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and have a read at mine xx

    The What's In Between

  19. Stunning photos and landscapes, Amy. Your blouse is very nice and looks amazing on you!

  20. you're beautiful, i love that bird tunic. beautiful pictures by the way.

  21. Love the print and pattern in your top, it is so pretty.

  22. Anonymous18.8.14

    I was on a camping vacation in Sweden with my boy this year. We did not go by car but hiked with our backpacks and a tent on our back and slept at another lake every night. It was a great experience and a magical trip. I absolutely understand what you say about camping food. We were so thankful when we had our first meal back in civilization.

    Greeting from a German reader. Your words are an inspiration to me!

  23. so beautiful

  24. Foresta Tranquillo