Head for the hills

 All Images Via Marc Johns

The other day I was feeling sad and misunderstood. It was the kind of sadness that grows and grows until a belly ache swallows you whole and lying in bed is the only thing that will make you feel better. During this time, while resting my head on a pillow and balancing a laptop on my knee, I came upon Marc Johns illustrations. My mood was instantly lifted and all of those sad thoughts floated away. I couldn't keep myself from sharing his whimsical work with you.

You can find more illustrations on his blog

Pine cones

If you ask what comes to mind when I think about winter, the answer is pine cones. They may not drip with the sticky sweetness of a springtime berry or fall softly into the grass like a flower, but they are what give the forest legs. I think about all of the baby seeds that live within the cone and how it remains a shelter until they're ready to stretch out and grow into their own pine tree. I look at all of these scattered pine cones, some are hidden beneath winter snow, others roll into autumns leftover sap, and I see little wombs for the forest.   

Pine cones are a lot like human beings, the right amount of sunlight and shadow is where we both begin. 

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my life in photographs

Taking photographs has always brought me endless amounts of joy. Whenever I feel like getting lost in something that exercises my creativity but also makes me feel happy, I count on picture-taking. Every time I take a photograph, I want to show people how I see the world from my own eyes. It's not always easy translating your emotions and eyes onto a picture, but when it works out, it feels a lot like freedom and even more like fun.

Lately I have been using Instagram as a place to document my life. I think those who knock Instagram down and say it's a selfish place are people who don't understand it at all. My moments spent on Instagram are inspiring. There are so many other banjo players, pine cone collectors, mountain climbers, happiness seekers and life enthusiasts that make me want to reach my dreams. It's a place that is less about photography and more about story-telling which is why I started taking pictures in the first place, so I could tell my own story.

Here is the start of a monthly post where I share my life through photographs :)
my username is amyflyingakite , what's yours?

winter skirt

These photographs were taken in November, right before we traveled to Hawaii. The day was dressed in a bed of milk-white snow and every autumn leftover was buried below. It was the arrival of winter. Roads were no longer dry, trees no longer held the shape of leaves and smoke from lungs and chimney stacks suddenly became visible.

Winter is beautiful, but after four months of carrying firewood to its fireplace grave, you start to wonder if you'll ever see spring again. I try to remember what my backyard looked like when the garden was growing and how the wind chimes sounded when rainclouds were on the horizon. Now that February is over, spring is closer, soon the world will put sunshine back into the sky and plant life back into the ground.

Until then, it's warm tea and lavender bubble baths for me.

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