february air

What am I to do with the days where I count down what is left of winter? I hear the sound of ice cracking and the delightful sense of springtime growing flowers on my shoulder. I open the bedroom window to let February air fill the living's lungs and soon after, I am hearing children ride their bicycles and the fields mailing invitations to the warmest wind. I don't want to live for tomorrow. I want to live for today, but it's hard when your head calls for the gardening season while your feet are firmly planted where you are. I long for the sprout of a daffodil to rise above ground and the music of a spring bird to play while I sit on my back porch. I want to count stars in the night sky without shivering. I want to swim in the lakes while sunbeams kiss the top of my head, but first, I must wait for winter to pass.

February is a busy month for me. As is March. I'll be playing more shows than usual which means my spirit must stay glued to the strings on my banjo and guitar. A day without music-making has become barren like a mountainside with no lodge pole pines or an ocean with no waves. I am ever changing and always learning when it comes to these songs. I could never dream of a different life where it was always summer if it meant I was without the music.

I hope you're happy and feeling well wherever you may be.

outfit details: value village sweater & dress, free people socks & boots


  1. love the concept, your outfit, the locatian, love love love:)

    keep in touch from Borneo, Indonesia
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  2. You have such a way with colors! I am always wishing I could coordinate bright colors a little better. Somehow, the bright yellows here match the words - I would have associated yellow with this post regardless of pictures. Thank you for making my dreary February a little brighter.


  3. I have so much love for these photos, they're gorgeous <3

    The Quirky Queer

  4. Gorgeous dress! That outfit looks so warm! Especially when it looks cold :D

    Hayley xx

  5. Gorgeous photos. Beautiful words. Relatable as always. Thank you.

    Joy OutfitZest

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  7. Chritmas is coming. That outfit looks so warm!