farewell 2016


a year of outfits


go on and live: my thoughts about december


pressed flowers and music makers.

Every day has been busy for me in November and now that December is here, I have more time to explore, take photographs and return to the quietness that is home life. I fill my mug with half hot cocoa, half coffee as I watch the snowflakes fall onto the bench where bluebirds caw. It has been mostly warm in my part of the world so seeing the snow gives me a strange feeling in my bones that is neither sad nor happy. Each snowfall is filled with nostalgia --- I am taken back to the good and bad days of winter childhood. I am suddenly without words to speak or write.

So, I'll leave you with a collection of pressed flowers and instruments. Many of these have been posted here before, but because I have been so busy, I have been unable to take any new photographs.

Welcome to the world, December. I hope it is bright wherever you may be.