a year of outfits



  1. So many beautiful posts this year ~

  2. It's really hard to pick a favorite among all your outfit posts this year. They are all so lovely!

    Sweet Helen Grace

  3. What a magical girl, I'm glad this year I found your lovely blog, now you are one of my inspirations, from your words and photos and dreamy outfits, everything here is beautiful, I hope for you and your readers a lovely new year!! :)
    Mushroom Rain

  4. Oh my goodness, Amy, each and every one of these outfits is utterly perfect. Towards the beginning I was keeping track of my favorites, but by the time I reached the end the list was too impossibly long to type out - I adore them ALL! Happy holidays to you. xoxo

  5. You are so sweet and perfect in yours style! <3

  6. Wow. Every dresses look so elegant.

  7. Amy they are all beautiful... I cannot pick just only one... love them all, and you look adorable on each and everyone of them!


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