5 goals for April & May

 It has been a little quieter around the blog as of late I have been busy with music happenings and trying to put my head towards windows whenever there are signs of spring. I never did do an April goals post, so here I am now with two months at once. Setting goals seems so easy when you say it. Of course I will do that, of course I can do that, but adhering to them is a whole another story. So, here, we go:
  1. Begin the garden. I am so pleased to be able to finally admit that spring is here and gardening is about to begin. I need to weed, pull out leftover plants, prep, and make the soil sweet for planting this coming season.
  2. Share my music video pitch. I entered a grant competition with a kindred spirit filmmaker here in Calgary. The idea is that you make a one minute pitch video featuring one of your songs and then your task is to campaign for votes. The ones with the most votes at the end of it all will get a monetary grant to pursue a music video. In a world where making art can be equally beautiful and terrifyingly vulnerable, I will need all the help I can get because asking for votes has a tendency to make my belly fill with butterflies (!)
  3. Dry the carnation bouquet. There it sits, by the windowsill, held up in a blue vase the color of seawater. How beautiful it could be if made to last by hanging it upside down in the dark basement. There, it will dry and then it will forever remain in our house, much like the snapdragon one in these photographs.
  4. Go to Griffith Woods. I love this space, it smells of pine and sounds of bird chatter. I want to live in a world where going here before the sun rises becomes a habit. (Google, How do I get out of bed before 7 am?)
  5. Explore more places on foot. Now that the warm weather is rising, I have plenty of reason to see the world before me without getting into an automobile. There is something to be said about traveling on foot, it has a tendency to make you notice little things in a poetic appreciative sort - of - way.
How are you?
Tell me of your dreams, your goals, your plans, your curiosities


  1. Lovely photos! I am planning a garden as well. Rehearsing for a benefit gig, working in my little shop, and school are also on my agenda right now.
    Happy Friday!

  2. I like the colours of your outfit, and you're right that print is the perfect! :)Glad that you're starting to see the end of your crazy work hours and have a method to re centre yourself in all the madness! :)

    Thank you for the link up!

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