StoryHive Music Video: How Long Blues

 This is How Long Blues. A song I wrote that tells of the ache and wonder which exists in us all when we are mistreated by the ones we love. Being an artist in this day and age of videos, of being online, of having to dig through the roots of what makes you and sharing it with the world by the click of a button it is downright spooky and I have jumped into it head first today.

I entered a creative grant competition curated by Storyhive with a music video pitch directed by filmmaker and friend, Gillian McKercher. What could be more knee knocking, goosebumps standing on the arm, inner voice doubting you than this - having to tell you that I *need* votes if we are to make the pitch you see below into a full length music video.

What this means:
 You can vote once a day - every day - at the link here until Monday, May 1st noon (PST)
You can share if you're so inclined (it helps!)
If I win, I can promise you that I'll be bouncing from wall to wall and not only will we be given a monetary grant that will take this pitch video and turn it into a proper music video, but we will have put a notch in the ever-so-terrifying quest that is making it as an artist.

Thank you



  1. This is lovely!! Definitely going to give you many votes, Yippy! Wishing you all the best :)

  2. Tina T26.4.17

    You sing with such a haunting voice, as if a thousand ghosts of the women who came before you are living in there. I absolutely love it, as if my entire life was waiting to feel this way!!


  3. Amy, I love it! Awesome! I was delighted to hear your accent. I play as well. I love Americana, folk, blues, and I love to tell stories with song. You get my votes!