Free People at the bay

Hello brown sugar, and honey on toast. The air is quiet. There are marshmallows by my bread. The sun is here, but it's warmth has hightailed. Watch me kiss the sky, pawn my jacket, and welcome moss birthing flowers. Until then, I snuggle my toes in a feather bed.  
I want to decorate the prairies with the green leaf garland.

As Saturday morning rose with petals of snow. I awoke at dawn to my daily caffeine.  With a happy belly dressed in strawberries, and two feet arched in fur boots, I went downtown.  Whenever I'm a guest of the downtown city, I feel alive.  Caged in cars by Winter, I wait for Summer. Summer, so I can place footing beneath the sky scrapers.  The towers of glass frame, and stone are brimming with city folk.  I've spent many hours,  head bent, watching the cranes, the construction, and the mighty looking men.
I've always dreamed of a homestead, or a job in the basement of the city.
I want to work by morning, writing, wearing posy fabrics, drinking coffee, as the sun rises by the highest tower. Then by lunch, I will snack on yogurt, fruit, and deli sandwiches.   There is a magic to the basement of the city.  The way shadows are cast. The way people are hurried. The business men in their business suits, and the pencil girls in their pencil skirts. How the downtown becomes a ghost town when workers go home. Birds perch on frail city tree branches.  I dream of an office with pictures of rose-blushed babies,  and spider plants I water.

On Saturday, with pleasure, I attended the Free People event at the Bay.
I wore a dress similar to the white crochet frock found in the Free People catalog. This one is blue. Reminds me of a flower I planted with my mom a few summers ago.   If free were an outfit, I tried to embody it.   A floppy hat to shade my skin from the imaginative sun. A flower blossom belt. And boots made of fur.

The first hour was spent humming tunes, and bowing to beautiful displays.  While I fawned over fabrics with my Ma, we sipped preservative free orange soda, given to us by The Bay.  
Dappled with pure cane sugar, and bliss.

The hours were composed of pretty flower tops, ethereal knits, and delicate crochet.  As always, Free People sings lullabies for the Meadow girl. The girl who softly ballets her toes through fields of grass or alfalfa. And finds her heart plucked by garden flowers.     Sadly, Free People isn't as accessible to the Canadian girl.  For most, it requires internet, and credit cards. I've spent many hours, drinking tea, and dipping into their catalogs. But, to my dismay, their shipping prices are otherworldly, so I am thankful for the Bay. 
Imaged here,  the sweater of comfort. Emblazoned in rose flowers.

After browsing, there was a fire in my belly to attach myself to the peaceful cloth.  Me and Ma played silly in the dressing room. As if I was a child of play.   After 30 minutes of falling in love, I decided to wed my wallet to a sweater of gray hue.  I spent forever mulling over which sweater to purchase. As a true girl, the decision was taxing.   As I write to you, I envision a future Bay trip. (( to take the rose sweater home ))

Along with the earthy garments and soda,  there was music, models, and candy. It was as if The Bay knew of my ardor for the jelly bean. A goody bag filled with jelly beans, and I knew of heaven. 

This display tickled me. The antique suitcase brings pleasant remembrances. How it perfectly decorates the spirit of free people. An ode to the old fashions, and the hearts and flowers of the 1970's. 

The entire day delighted my senses.  From dawn, to the moonlit hour. If only sun beams brought spring, me and ma could of had a picnic.     Greatest appreciation for The Bay.
Sweet sugar plum hugs,
and wishes for healthy things xx

what i wore
blue dress- Vespucci $15
black floppy hat- jessica simpson  $20
fur boots- atseoul.com korea sponsor


  1. Anonymous19.4.11

    You look so pretty in every single photo Amy. Your blog always inspires with the way you write and the way you dress.

    You are a free people girl, through and through. The event looks fun, free candy??? You are lucky!!

  2. They now have free people at the bay? So excited! Hopefully they do at the one in Ottawa as well.

    You look lovely in that pretty turquoise dress too!

  3. YOUR HAT!!!! I love it !! And your dress is so pretty and orange pop is my favorite *giggle*

  4. lovely dress and shoes :)


  5. Stunning colour of the crochet dress and i love the brown shoes that are at the shop,amazing post girlie x

  6. that dress has such a beautiful hue to it, the colors looks amazing on you.

  7. i love your lovely dress, and your lovely writing to accompany this post! you write so elegantly!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  8. Oh! I love the blue dress! xD

  9. Ooh, I have been eyeing that gray sweatshirt with the roses for so long! I absolutely love it, and feel like it might have to become mine someday. I don't generally love casual wear, so when I do, I feel like I should take advantage and go for it! I wonder if all Bay's now carry Free People? Or just select?

  10. Anonymous19.4.11

    That blue is beautiful on you, it really is stunning.

  11. beautiful <3
    i need some crochet in my life! :D
    Rosie xo

  12. like your style, very greats pics

  13. Gorgeous! Visiting Free People would be so fun!

  14. gorgeous dress, love the colour. and that poncho is so you

  15. Dear, darling Amy, if only we could live next door to one another.. my thought as I read your words that delight my eyes, delight my lips to utter!

    You are a gem, a faerie, a sprite. I'm so very glad you enjoyed yourself! xxoo

  16. I don't know how it's humanly possible for them to produce so many amazing clothes, and the fact that all of them can be housed together in one store that doesn't explode from the sheer gorgeousness that it holds blows my mind. Haha. :) You look incredibly stunning as always, Amy!

  17. You look absolutely beautiful in that dress! I can't believe it's okay 15 dollars!! I love it!

  18. oh I love freepeople :D
    lovely pictures ;)

    Live.Laugh.Love. - everyday.

  19. I adore that hat. I've been looking for a black floppy hat myself, but no luck yet.

  20. Hi, Love that dress actually love it all :) I am one of your newest followers via GFC found you through Machine Wash Warm blog!
    ♥ Noemi
    Fashion: Classy N Glamorous
    Travel: Across The Sea

  21. Anonymous20.4.11

    I had no idea the bay sold free people. I'm going to have to go look! You've tempted me with your lovely post :P

  22. lovely lady ; )


  23. Anonymous20.4.11

    the color of your dress is so pretty! I'm following in bloglovin:) X

  24. Dear Amy,

    Oh you are just the most beautiful flower! thanks for the lovely comment you made on my blog! and I can't wait to see more of you


    Caitlin Rose

  25. I love to read your writing. I like how your outfit has a theory or purpose behind it (to embody free-ness.) I also love the picture where you are smiling! More bloggers should smile in their photos.

  26. wow. you blow me away. beauitful images of beauitful ensembles with their equally beauiful counterparts- your mellufluous words! I adore it all the free flowing crotchet dress to the free verse of your poetic lines. merging two arts into one.

  27. Amy, you are some kind of a writer, those words to begin and set the tone for this post were breathtaking to read. i'd like to live in a land where everyone talks like that, dreamy and created such an ambient atmosphere immediately.

    this is quite possibly the prettiest dress i've seen. it's the amazing color that has me done in, i'm a goner for turquoise and crochet. your heavens to Betsy! incredible booties make the perfect combo.

    is this the Bay in Calgary? it looks totally like the one here in Vancouver. uncanny resemblance!

    the FP event looked like fun, i adore that line and usually have to get over to Seattle for a shop sesh. the Bay does have some fine stuff but not everything, too sad! i tried that same floral patterned "sweater of comfort" on too, it was the most enjoyable bundle-up-in. happy week wishes to you!!! and perhaps that very sweater to magically appear. ♥

  28. You could wear every single Free People item and it would be 100% you. I love that. The photos are gorgeous, and your style is as dreamy as your writing!

  29. Aww you look really pretty! I love what you're wearing! This is such a great post, how lovely! And the sweater looks really comfortable!!

    Thanks for visiting! Have a lovely day!


  30. Hi!Thanks for following and for your sweet comments;) Yes I want to be best friend girl you are SO adorable!! love all the outfits I've seen so far. I live in Alberta....u?

  31. what a GREAT blog! you are so inspirational! if you get the chance to check out my blog i would love to see what opinions you have for me! :)

    follow me?

  32. I am forever dying over all of the wonderful things the Bay has suddenly started to sell after so many years of Global Mind and Guess. I'm not sure where you are on the prairies; these photos remind me vaguely of my long ago hometown, Winnipeg, but not enough for me to be sure, but it doesn't really matter, it's just so wonderful to see such a stylish creature lighting up the Canadian west. I adore your crocheted dress. And fuzzy boots. And hat. And everything. And I will be following your beautiful blog, because it is wonderful and because you are a prairie girl like me :) Lots of love.

  33. that dress is absolutely gorgeous! oh my gooooodness, and I love Free People, but going in there depresses me on accounta I can't afford any of it anymore since I went back to school!

    oh, I couldn't agree more, as much as it sucked not having boobies in junior high, I adore that I can wear whatever backless/low cut/strapless piece I want without ever worrying about what bra to wear... yes I may regret that someday, but I couldn't agree more, bras are for the birds :)

    It's nice to meet you, I am definitely following now :)

  34. I love Free People for these exact reasons. You are so lucky that you were able to attend the event.

    And that turquoise dress is lovely!!!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  35. What a cute blog you have here Amy! Really nice work, I'll be back to visit again - definitely :)


  36. Gorgeous pictures, I love the jumper!!

    Thank for your lovely comment xx

  37. Anonymous21.4.11

    your blog is really great! I love fashion. but I haven't got a lot of time to go shop and post things about it! I think I'll be having a new inspiration for my clothes. :) thanks for droppin' by blog! :)


  38. great dress! i like the color, and your floppy hat as well :)


  39. you look awesome! i love the outfit and the free people event looks amazing! i am following x

  40. Haha, hmm, lets share a peanut butter and chocolate chip cookie :)

    I love your flowery comfy jumper. It looks great!

    followed ya!


  41. That color really suits you!

    Monique xx


  42. the free people event looks like so much fun! you look lovely in all the photos (:


  43. I love your blog :)
    Im a new follower, and I look forward to reading more from you. Follow me too? <3

  44. Anonymous22.4.11

    The bay set up looks great. And so do you. I like the flower sweater and I think you shoudl go back and get it. its totally you

  45. Your way of speaking is beautiful, such a refreshing way to blog! And I adore your blue crochet dress.


  46. I don't even know what to talk about first. The great color of that blue? The awesome other clothes you photographed? The fact that your hair is a lovely length? I'll just have to say it all. There.

    Find me at Just Take a Bow.

  47. I love your hat!! And the comfy sweater with the flowers on the sholders is so cute^^ thank you for the sweet comment by the way! Feel free to follow if you like:)
    Love Änglamark.

  48. Love the crochet dress!

    by the way thanks for stopping by my blog. Comments are always appreciated :)


  49. very cool dress! And there some great stuff in that shop!

  50. Oh, I love the rose sweater

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