the humming creek

There is a creek behind my house. It rises high in the rainy seasons and turns into dead grass and broken trees when winter eats the sun. If your hands feel the water at this time of year, your fingers will turn into icicles. When summer comes, the stroke of water will turn your hands into seaweed, slimy with dirt and pulp from the fallen flowers.

The woodland is a soothing place to be, no matter the season you visit. How beautiful the sound of a humming creek below the wintry sun!  I wish I could place a blanket and lie listening to the sound of moving water, but the path to the creek is narrow and home to many dog walkers and people who wear running shoes.

I found these dance shoes in Value Village years ago (before I left my old town!) I always thought they were too plain and not meant for me, so they've been living in a bin of a dozen shoes I never wear. Lately, I've been trying to make all things I own wearable so I used my flower hair clips (these ones) and temporarily attached them to the shoe straps. They really do call for dancing on my tippy toes!

pink dress : oasap sponsor  
the bird crown : handmade
shoes : value village 
faux fur vest : h&m $15 


winter hours

Is it snowing where you are? Winter hours are here and it is cold enough to wear thick wooly socks and warm coats made for a frosty weather climb. The flowering trees are now bare and the ground glitters beneath them.  If you look closely, the leftover pieces of automobile dirt blend against the milky white snow to look like Oreo Cookie crumbs.

The snow is ghostly in the moonlight and if you live on my street, you'll see a family of rabbits hopping about. They are made of ivory and shadows with red colored eyes. I usually find them darting between roads and sidewalks when we're walking underneath the moon. There are some things in the world you just can't photograph and some of these things are the most beautiful.

We walked outside in the frosty weather for this photo shoot, but I was not cold. My heart was squirming wildly in my chest and my coat kept me warm. I rolled down the hill and let the snow tickle my entire body. There were no thoughts of Spring or Summer flowers, all I could think about was how much joy the snow had brought me.

winter coat: value village $30
boots : western outdoor in Montana $120


little clouds for your bed

The light of morning drifts and turns through my bedroom while the sound of winter hits the windowpane. It may be frosty outside but I'm warm inside my cocoon called home.  

A few months ago I was the recipient of a beautiful letter. Inside the letter, there were enough kind remarks to make a cold heart happy. There was also an invitation to be gifted a set of handmade pillows. I happily agreed to the invitation, sent away my address and awaited the postman. One week or so later, a knock at my door arrived with four beautiful pillows in various shades of pink. The sisters of Super Sissi Soul gave me all four pillows in their Lina set. I am so grateful!

A good pillow is like a little cloud for your bed. It is here where you rest your weary head after a long day of travel. Pillows are the space that catch your salty tears and act as your companion when you dream. If it weren't for my pillows, my bed would be nothing but a place for restless sleep.

cat dress : romwe sponsor  
lina pillow set : Super Sissi Soul gift
jelly fish : squishable


Farewell 2012

Another year has traveled on and left our calendars clean. It feels like just yesterday I was putting a milk carton stamped "expires: January 2012" into my grocery cart. Now that January 2013 has arrived quicker than a rabbit's hop, I've learned a few things.

This year - saw plants rise and wither, lakes spill and freeze, days of kind weather and days where napping was all one could do. I was burdened by my wisdom teeth for most of the year. It was those four little teeth that caused me to cancel plans, sleep through the daylight and weep too often in pain. It wasn't until they were pulled in October that I felt one hundred percent "me" again.

There were many wonderful moments this year too - Montana in February, playing my banjo, learning how to be proud of my singing voice, letting that voice out in front of crowds, my first gig with Carter, hearing Samuel Beam sing "The Trapeze Swinger" and Pokey Lefarge cover Jimmie Rodgers, selling clothes with my mum and swimming with seals on Vancouver Island.

I'm still deciding on how to live in 2013. All that I know is I want a body that pulls like a pack mule in the direction of my dreams. Life's honey, I'm ready for you !

Here is a bit of a memoir to the past year. I've included the most popular posts of the year (calculated by how many views + comments), my personal favorites and a few blog highlights. 

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To all my readers : Thank you for making this blog apart of my daily routine. You help make this a safe place to rest my head and a home to escape to. Because of your gratitude, I wake up each morning feeling like I have 2000+ friends from all over the globe. I want 2013 to be the year I share more with you. More poetry and more posts about my life. Words can never express how much I appreciate each comment, like, vote, & glance. Thank you!
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