wander past the hilltop edge,


A ditch spilling dandelion dust, the wind kissing on my pale face & the murmuring of honey bees. Each sliver on the path precious to me, and each leaf of grass is a friend. To wander in gladness is to wander past the hilltop edge, into the woodland where the deers drink their water.

I don't go here as often as I'd like. The path is narrow, allowing only a few passengers at a time. The swampy grass is no place for sitting and the man-made path is crooked and cracked. If you aren't mindful of where you place your feet, you might bruise an ankle or spoil your day. 

In the Mid Summer, you will find berries and sunflowers covering the swamp and breaking through spaces between the wooden slats. For now, pocket size dandelions and an artificial flower crown make this place their home. This is the kind of place where dreamers come to give birth to poems and gentle stories.


If you wander past the wooden walkway, you'll see the path turn into dirt, and the swampland becomes a stream. Giant Oak trees cast shadows where woodpeckers, sparrows, and pheasants sing out. The beauty of the woodland is not only found in what lives beneath it's canopy, but what becomes alive inside of you while you're there. 

If I ever fall lovesick or desirous of too many things, this is where I'll go to find my medicine.
Drunk on the sound of trees
Swallowing the sweet air
Soothed by the wandering wind 
Happy beside the wildflowers


My favorite dress blooming in apricot and scarlet roses. It curls and falls, reminding me of a barmaids wardrobe. Sent from one of my beloved sponsors Oasap. It was made to be worn while my hands are picking flowers and my mouth is singing old country songs.

The leaf embellished cuff was handcrafted with thoughts of the woodland, so what better place to debut it! It was made by one of the sweetest little ladies ever at Miss Fluff Jewelry. I'm a picky jewelry girl so when Miss Fluff found me, I was heaven bound. Her designs are beautiful!! The cuff also came with a matching necklace (which you may have seen on my instagram) I'll be doing a post soon with both pieces.

For the finishing touch,  here is my new crown! Handcrafted by my mum and I. Say hi to the little birdy that nests beside the flowers. Now go hug an oak tree or eat a slice of pie
Life is a wonderful thing.

dress Oasap ✿ sponsor
the bird crown handmade
woodland leaves bracelet miss fluff sponsor
wedges aldo ✿ $50


  1. your words are so beautiful! i love the photos! you look great! :)

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  2. Beautiful photos! Your flower crown is so pretty, and you look like you belong in a old-English tavern, serving beer to the men. Love it.

    xx maggie

  3. Anonymous7.6.12

    This post is pure perfection. The dress, the flower crown, the etherial look of the photos with the lighting and occasional rainbow hue. Just beautiful.
    xo, Tori

  4. These pictures are amazing and so are you! You look like a beautiful girl from a fairy tale :)

  5. What a super cute outfit!
    Your layout and header are also adorable!

  6. superb gorgeous and indeed like the others are saying, you look like someone coming out from fairy tale~ :) :)

  7. Oh how dreamy photos, such a sweet outfit ! Love it !:)

    autumn, coffee and inspiration

  8. u are so damn cool!

  9. All hail to the flower queen! Fantastic!

  10. Pretty. I like your shoes :)

  11. Stunning! Such beautiful photographs and lovely words!

  12. You look like a woodland princess. I adore everything about your outfit; your dress, your flower crown.....I'd be lying if I said I wasn't jealous!

  13. loveee your outfit, photos, everything in your blog ! <3

    Journal J

  14. Have you ever thought about making and selling floral crowns? This one is gorgeous! Wish I could make my own.
    Just A Fancy Corpse

  15. Anonymous7.6.12

    You make me desperately want a dress like that . It is beautiful and I wish I had a place like "your" woodland where I could go for refuge.

    All I have is a piano and a drum kit. They help me through the tough times. My medicine, I suppose.

    You are real spunky and refreshing AMy


  16. gorgeous dress Amy! Beautiful photos aswell :D

    Hayley xx

  17. Thanks for commenting! You look like a renaissance princess in your photos!!

    Started following your blog, looking forward to it.

    (o and btw the link on your signature when you comment in other blogs isn't linking back to your website) =)

    Thanks a bunch!


  18. omg stunning <3

  19. Hi, your blog is lovely and inspiring, thankyou for letting me know. I had thought first about chictopia magic mirror competition when I saw this post, it was right, I voted! PS: and following as well

  20. Perfect! seriously, I love this

  21. so lolita and gyaru. I love it. :)

    and not just the outfit, but the whole surreal experience of this post.

  22. Anonymous8.6.12

    BEAUTIFUL phots!!!! I like it!!! You are beautiful ♥

  23. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. You have such an eye for detail! (Thanks for your sweet words on my blog. I've been pretty down about my art, so seeing your comment cheered me up a lot!)

    The Tall Blonde Artist

  24. Anonymous8.6.12

    This is what magic looks like. Thanks for being different type of fashion blogger

  25. Hi! I just know your blog is great. Already have a new follower. I invite you to visit my blog and if you like would be happy to follow me.

    A big hug


  26. great look honey, your dress is fantastic and so original
    !have a great day!


  27. These images are dreamy!


  28. I LOVE your crown! Definitely inspired me to make a really bright colored one to add to my collection for the summer! You are absolutely gorgeous and your style is inspiring, can't wait to follow along :)
    x Hannah

  29. I love your dress! So pretty. Reminds me of the movies :3

  30. I'm so glad I found your blog!

  31. I have no words to say how gorgeous you look!


  32. That is the perfect dress for such a fairytale setting. I love your magical style of writing. This whole post is beautiful: the outfit, the writing, the photography, and you. That flower crown is especially darling. I really want to make myself one of those, especially after seeing this.

    May the force be with you.

  33. Anonymous11.6.12

    Do you sell your crowns ever? You should make an etsy shop I would totally buy them although they wouldn't look as good on me as they do On you ------- Love your magical writing and view on the world.

  34. You look like a princess :))

  35. youre such a flower child, i love it!


  36. :O! Your floral crown is perfect! You look like a princess! Love this look so much :D

  37. Goodness this dress is almost as beautiful as your words.

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